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Published on January 28, 2014

Author: vsharlay

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The revolutionary situation in Ukraine 2013-2014.

27.01.2014 What is really happening in Ukraine

Prerequisites of the conflict 23-29.11.2013 President Yanukovich refuses to sign the EU association. 30.11.2013 “Berkut” units brutally disperse protestors at night beating women and students. 8.12.2013 Government doesn’t react. President behaves like 
 nothing happens. 2 Massive peaceful protests arise all over Ukraine demanding to sign the association. Huge protests in Kyiv. People coming from all over Ukraine. People demand punishment of responsible for brutal actions. “March of million”. About a million protestors in Kyiv, thousands in other cities. People demand dismissal of the government.

Prerequisites of the conflict 12.2013 No reaction from the government. 16-19.01.2014 20 antidemocratic and unconstitutional laws adopted and published violating all the voting rules to make any protest illegal. 3 Protestors occupy Kyiv administration building, organise protests near the homes of the main government representatives. More radical protestors equipped with body protection facilities, sticks and petrol bombs organise to occupy the Grushevs’kogo Street protected by “Berkut” units. The Civil War has been ignited

President side 4 Interior troops, “Berkut” riot police Protect government representatives from demonstrators. Use shields, batons, tear gas, stun grenades, shotguns. Extremely violent. Shoot in head, break skulls with batons, shoot journalists on purpose. Killed 6 people already. Sponsored “Titushki” Payed and controlled by government’s initiative. Crash shops, beat people outside demonstrations. Mimic protesters to discredit real activists and intimidate people preventing them from joining the protests.

People side “Radical Maidan” Fight for cancellation of antidemocratic laws, dismissal of Yanukovych and his government. Use bike protection, helmets, pans (to protect heads), wooden sticks, stones, petrol bombs, fireworks. “AutoMaidan” Self-organised car owners who can react fast on illegal actions from the government side. Transport medicines, people, food to the protesters. Organise protests outside Kyiv, chase “titushky”, protect people in hospitals from kidnapping by “Berkut”. 5

People side Mass media HromadskeTV, SpilnoTV, 5-th Channel, Chesno, Euromaidan(fb), Automaidan(fb), RadicalMaidan(fb), … Journalists are being chased and shot on purpose. Take off the uniform to not be noticed by “Berkut”. 1 journalist tortured to death. Field medicine Volunteers helping hundreds of injured protesters with wounds from shots and batons. Are constantly under aimed attacks from “Berkut”. Use donated medicines from regular people. Work mainly in buildings to protect from “Berkut”. 6

Tactics of the government 7 Intimidate people to prevent the increase of the protest scale: • use “titushky” for beating people all over the Kyiv • 1000-1400 men with hammers, iron balls, narcotics noticed in organised groups in the centre of Kyiv • controlled by Ministry of Internal Affairs people, cooperate with “Berkut" • massively send SMS informing people that they are registered as protesters and break the law (at least 2 cellular providers sent such messages) • kidnap injured people from 
 hospitals and torture them • military forces being moved 
 to Kyiv from other regions DEAD Ihor Lutsenko Kidnapped, tortured, thrown out in a field Yurij Verbytskyj Kidnapped, tortured, found in the same field

Tactics of the government Destroy physically as many protestors as possible: • field medicine workers being shot on purpose • police searches for protesters in hospital based on the injury types • injured protesters don’t go to public hospitals but 
 to private ones to avoid torturing by “Berkut” • police attach nails and stones to stun grenades • police aiming in heads with shotguns 
 and batons, people losing eyes • caught protesters are undressed, 
 tortured, humiliated and taken to 
 unknown places, afterwards found 
 naked in fields and forests, 
 sometimes dead Caution! Brutal violence! 8

Tactics of the government 9 Limit the spreading of information about real events in Kyiv • journalists are being shot on purpose (1+ dead) • cameras and other equipment is being destroyed • users being randomly disconnected from internet and cellular networks • phones are withdrawn from all police units since weeks. They don’t know why people are protesting Deactivate major activists and leaders of protests (15+ activists can’t be found) IHOR YURIY MYHAJLO DMYTRO LUTSENKO VERBYTS’KYJ ZHYZNEVS’KYJ BULATOV Euromaidan activist Tortured. In hospital. Euromaidan activist Tortured. Dead. Euromaidan guard Shot dead by a sniper. Automaidan leader Beaten. Unknown.

People’s strategy Radical Maidan holds “Berkut” under pressure on Grushevs’kogo Str. Automaidan activists patrol the city: deactivating and disarming “titushky” gangs, taking photos of them for records blocking buses with police units from entering the city centre transport injured people to hospitals People from jurisprudence help to release illegally arrested demonstrators People with medical education giving first aid to victims of police attacks Journalists work under constant risk of being beaten and shot People all over Ukraine block municipal administrative buildings, military parts and buses with police units in numerous cities 
 (Young military students ask people to continue blocking them. They are forced by chiefs to go to Kyiv and beat the protestors) 10

Status (night 23.01.2014) 5 out of 25 Local State Administrations occupied by people Interior troops forces of 4 cities resigned (refusing to perform illegal actions) Football fans of three clubs joined up with protesters in Kyiv, Donetsk Result of brutal actions of police under precise control of the government: • 150+ police units injured (light injuries of head/hands from stones and fire) • 1500+ people injured (crushed skulls, lost eyes, broken limbs, contusion) • 4 people killed (2 shot, 1 thrown from a pillar, 1 tortured to death) • 15+ people detained with no explanations. Their location remains unknown • 70+ journalists injured from precise attacks on people with cameras • 30+ medical workers injured Human rights are violated brutally and cynically 11

Status (afternoon 25.01.2014) 12 Meetings all over the world supporting protests in Ukraine: Germany, France, Georgia, Lithuania, Poland, USA, … Russian Federation and Belarus – the only countries where 
 meetings supporting Euromaidan are dispersed by the police. Meeting in Moscow All major Russian mass media massively spread highly biased information emphasising honourable work of “Berkut” and Nazi orientation of all activists. People being beaten and detained by police in public places, trains, shops, when buying wood, medicine and other things used by protestors, wearing 
 symbolic ribbons with Ukrainian and European flags, Euromaidan badges… “Berkut” officers are payed extra money for each hour of standing on the Grushevskogo Str. Raises being promised. (rumors) Ministry of Internal Affairs reports about 100 of “Berkut” units with chilblained legs. They are forced to stand for up to 12 hours in a row on the streets.

Status (afternoon 25.01.2014) 13 10 out of 25 Local State Administrations occupied by 
 protesters. Protests arising in eastern regions. 15 activists of “Automaidan” beaten and 
 imprisoned without hospitalisation despite heavy 
 injuries from “Berkut” attacks. Hundreds of 
 protestors detained and imprisoned. People Seizure attempts Government Massive protests Ministry of Internal Affairs blames
 “Euromaidan” in killing 1 and detaining 2 policemen. Protestors deny. Protests supported by fans of football clubs +1 dead protestor: metal bullet in lungs, bullet in shoulder, amputated arm. Automaidan offers 10000 UAH reward for help in finding the team leader Dmytro Bulatov (22.01.2014 detained by “Berkut” and disappeared). 250+ armed military units detected hidden in the International Convention Center near the “Euromaidan” peaceful demonstration.

Status (afternoon 26.01.2014) 14 Massive protests arise on the east and south Armed military units left the International Convention 
 Center under the protesters’ pressure. Left lots of 
 canned food and Vodka bottles behind. Yanukovych suggests ruling positions in the
 government to the 2 opposition leaders. People’s Council legitimised People Seizure attempts Government Massive protests People not satisfied. Opposition refuses.
 Euromaidan wants dismissal of the president 
 as the main responsible for deaths, tortures and thousands of victims. Protests 
 supported by fans 
 of football clubs Protests supporting the ruling party “Titushky” under protection of the police were shooting peaceful demonstrators with traumatic weapons in Dnipropetrovsk. Ukrainian biggest businessmen V. Pinchuk and R. Ahmetov publicly claimed disagreement with actions of Yanukovych and inadmissibility of use of brutal force.

Status (morning 27.01.2014) 15 Level of aggressiveness of the riot police rises. Demonstrators in 5 cities are violently beaten and arrested without hospitalisation. 
 “Titushky” provoke protestors for aggression, hide behind 
 the police, then protestors are being beaten and arrested. “Titushky” burn cars of the protestors. Police arrests the 
 owners who try to protect the cars. In Dnipropetrovsk World heavy-weight boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko 
 posts a video asking western countries to help Ukraine. Numerous money-exchange centres reporting about 
 Police threatens the journalist people with a clear Russian accent massively exchanging 
 RUB→UAH (Possible Russian police coming for provocations?) Journalists are asked to watch closely the airports for possible 
 Russian police coming to Ukraine and changing into Ukrainian police. W. Klitschko

Status (morning 27.01.2014) 16 Ministry of Internal Affairs refuses to start investigations about people shot during the protests due to no official claims to police about deaths. People can’t make official claims about killed victims because they are immediately arrested. Hundreds of people remain missing all over Ukraine. Morgues in Kyiv are reporting about dozens of unidentified dead bodies being transported by police without any explanation. Government continues threatening people with setting the state of emergency. Killed people are meant to be extremists by the government. The last killed victim (Roman Senyk) has been shot from the large height according to the doctors’ examinations (presumably by a sniper). 2 gangs of “titushky” were fighting each other to make the impression of the protesters beating civilians (according to protestors and witnesses in Donetsk)

Status (evening 27.01.2014) 17 +2 dead bodies in Kyiv found in the morning 1 hanged on the Christmas tree near the Euromaidan 1 tortured, with tied hands (in the district where 15 
 members of Automaidan are being imprisoned) Control over Local States POLICE People’s Council legitimised “TITUSHKO” Police+”titushky” beating unarmed people People Government Massive protests Seizure attempts Control of ruling party restored Ruling party forbidden Protests supporting the ruling party PROTESTER Protection gangs of the ruling party created Party “Swoboda” forbidden Ruling party fraction broken up Clear evidence of the police cooperating with “titushky”?

Status (evening 27.01.2014) 18 2004 Eurovision contest winner Ruslana reports numerous threats to kill her. Police department in Rivne city supports protesters and asks for help due to numerous attacks on women by pro-government gangs (“titushky”). THE WORLD DOES CARE!
 # of times 63 587 210 862 this presentations viewed 6 937 > 300 000 in total 5 7 635 4 084 31 735 4 084 30 457 98 994 11 869 19 496 15 928 637 102 7 415 93 10 297 14 428

Summary 19 7 people dead 1 policeman dead ? ? ? ? ??.??.19?? – 22-25.01.2014 Dozens reported missing + Morgues report unidentified bodies = Dead probably Why do not people stop the protests… What do people call EU and US for… Price of democracy People of Ukraine ask the world for support

Alternatives What’s Happening in Ukraine and Why It Matters Why 1 Million Ukrainians Are Protesting How to Explain What’s Happening in Ukraine Revolution in Kiev, Ukraine YOU CAN HELP Share information about situation in Ukraine with friends and government Ukrainians need support to overcome the human right violation Political and economic sanctions against Ukrainian president and government 20

Addendum: Why “titushky”? 21 Name originates from the last name of Vadym Titushko - martial art fighter. Captured beating journalists of the 5-th Channel (May 18, 2013) Was one of dozens of fighters payed by government to intimidate protestors. Since then, every massive protest in Ukraine is accompanied by gangs of such people who beat people, provoke fights to arrest demonstrators. “Titushky” are never arrested by police. Complaints about them are ignored. Often without stable working place. Some with criminal history. Usually are of age 17-30 years old. Payed with ~15-80 USD per completed task. Unlike real protesters always hide faces from cameras. Vadym Titushko & others Have been used as pro-government demonstrators in December of 2013.

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