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Published on March 12, 2010

Author: choehn

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“[Recession Proof Graduate] might be the most brilliant and inspiring thing I have ever read.” Amanda Ponders

“This guide is worth far more than any course you will take at school this year.” The Remarkable Student.

“Anyone who’s spinning their wheels searching for an entry- level job after graduating from college should read his entire e- book and take heed. Hoehn’s definitely on to something.” The Examiner

“I personally will be basing a career plan on the e-book. It has changed my perspective on my career completely.” Jason E. Reid.

“You know how every now and then you read something that just blows your mind? You sit there and think, “Wow, this is brilliant.” Well, I experienced that two days ago when I read Charlie Hoehn’s Recession-Proof Graduate.” Grouper Eye

“AMAZING and non-conformist view on how to land the job of your dreams. No BS! I love it… Charlie Hoehn’s presentation is a ‘must read’.” More DEW Views

“Recession-Proof Graduate is 30 pages of thinking outside the box for landing a job, and not just any job, a job you actually like… It feels very much like a prequel to The 4-Hour Workweek.” Sassy Women Online

“One of the greatest useful pieces of information I read over the past six months… This e-book is basically the magna carta that should be handed to every recent graduate. It should actually be given to everybody!” Nishant Mehrotra

“I think the concept is fascinating, revolutionary, and exactly what a lot of people (especially recent college graduates like myself) could use to change their lives.” Mark Valentine.

“An e-book just may have changed my life. I read it within a half hour and have thought about it every day since. After I read it, something inside me just clicked… I’m beyond excited for what the future may hold… And, to think, I owe it all to an e-book!” Jennifer Noland

“Recession-Proof Graduate” READ IT or DOWNLOAD IT

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