What Our Customers Say About Using LeadGnome

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Information about What Our Customers Say About Using LeadGnome

Published on December 3, 2016

Author: LeadGnome

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1. WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS ABOUT USING LEADGNOME SAY When we mine the email reply data using LeadGnome and pull in more contacts, we get the peers of our contacts as well as their supervisors and subordinates. Almost by default, we have an equal to or greater than quality of lead than before. -- Nick Ezzo, Vice President of Demand Generation, Host Analytics Demand Generation “ “ Our acquisition costs are significantly less for LeadGnome leads, and our ability to close and upgrade opportunities has been steadily increasing as well. -- Andy Brewer, VP Business Development & Customer Success, DiscoverOrg Database Companies “ “ Bounced emails and out of office alerts can be a lead generation goldmine. The challenge is that, until now, it was such a laborious, time consuming endeavor to find those golden nuggets in a mountain of emails that few people bothered with it. That was until LeadGnome came along. -- Craig Elias, CEO, SHiFT Selling Sales “ “ As a marketing agency, we focus on helping our B2B clients develop and optimize lead generation and nurture programs. We’ve found LeadGnome to be a very efficient and effective way to help grow and replenish our clients marketing lists and expand their lead footprint within targeted accounts. -- Pete Izzo, Partner, Grove Marketing Marketing Agencies “ LeadGnome solves a huge problem. How do you mine info from campaign reply emails generated by your marketing automation system? Right now you are sitting on a gold mine of contact and trigger event info that is being totally wasted. -- Steve Richard, CRO, ExecVision “ “ “ One of the hardest problems for sales and marketing teams to solve is to penetrate target accounts. LeadGnome helps our clients achieve this goal in an easy and automated way. Best of all, LeadGnome requires zero changes to our clients’ marketing campaigns and nurturing programs. Setup takes less than 5 minutes and there is no IT involvement. Bottom line: LeadGnome works as promised (how often can you say that about a product). -- Ashley Carrier, CEO, 190 Group LLC“ “ Great new way to generate new leads, gain business intelligence, and penetrate target accounts. -- Jonathan Summey, VP of Global Digital Marketing, Ipswitch “ “ Companies are hungry to drive more leads and enhance the leads they already have. LeadGnome addresses both of these needs -- at a fraction of the standard CPL investment. We’re impressed with the platform and the level of account intelligence it can uncover. We feel this will have a very positive impact on the success of our client’s campaigns -- Jeff Coveney, President, RevEngine Marketing. Marketo Champions “ “ LeadGnome gives our clients a unique and valuable way to take advantage of content returned in automatic email replies. With LeadGnome our clients can mine auto-replies to determine whether a person has left the company, triggering a notification from Marketo to sales giving them timely, actionable insight. -- Jessica Kao, Marketo Champion, and Director of Client Services for Digital Pi “ “ HubSpot’s inbound campaigns are unparalleled when it comes to driving traffic and netting new prospects. Then comes the challenging part of moving them through your sales funnel and iden- tifying the leads that will eventually turn into customers. LeadGnome’s integration with HubSpot provides tremendous value by automating the tedious process of analyzing reply emails. What starts as a list of email addresses becomes a robust database of actionable intelligence. And that’s every sales teams’ dream. - Kim Walsh, Global Director, HubSpot for Startups. Inbound Marketing “ “ “I’m very impressed with the account-based intelligence uncovered by the LeadGnome web service. With just a single campaign, we identified 83 trigger events for our sales team to follow up on. That same campaign generated hundreds of new contacts within our targeted accounts. It’s amazing how something as simple as a reply email can provide so much valuable intel,” said. - Sangram Vajre, Co-Founder & CMO of Terminus, and author of Account-Based Marketing For Dummies. Account Based Marketing “ “ ◊ 52K+ emails sent ◊ 2785 Response Emails Analyzed (5.34% of sent) ◊ 2629 Out Of Office ◊ 147 Left The Company Sample Customer: November 2016 On average, 60% of Out Of Office reply emails provide a referral contact On average, 100% of Left The Company reply emails supply a replacement contact ◊ 5 Unsubscribe ◊ 4 Expired Email ◊ 2083 Mined Contacts (74.8% of reply emails)

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