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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: MyBeautyCompare

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What Nail Type Are You? Posted by info@mybeautycompare.it on 2014­03­11 We all know our hair type and our skin type, but do we know our nail type? The answer is                                        probably not. Acrylic nails, gel nails and nail polish all take their toll on our nails and so for                                      effective nail care you need to know your nail type and how best to look after your nails. To find                                        out your nail type remove any nail polish and take a good look at your nails and see which of                                        these categories your nails fall into.  Source: Pinterest Dry Nails If you have dry nails they will look dull and they will not have a clean smooth surface. Nail care for                                          dry nails is centered around hydration. Use a nail oil such as Jessica Nail Necessities                              Phenomen Oil before you go to bed as it will add moisture and help to strengthen your nails. Damaged Nails Damaged nails are usually very dehydrated and are recognisable because the nail will be flaky                              and may have split. Use a hydrating nail treatment as part of your nail care routine, look for                                    products that contain vitamin E as this is a good hydrating ingredient. Compare nail care                              products and treatments on the MyBeautyCompare website to find the best treatment for your                            nail type. Brittle Nails Brittle nails will be completely rigid and not flexible. If your nail does not bend then you will have                                      brittle nails, which is caused by dehydration. Nail care for brittle nails should include a hydrating                                nail oil, which contains moisturising ingredients such as vitamin E, soak your nails to soften                              them and then apply the nail oil to lock in the moisture. Compare nail care products online to find                                      the best products to add to your nail care collection. Soft Nails

Soft nails will be extremely flexible and are normally very short because they do not grow very                                  fast. If you have soft nails and dream of long pretty nails then you will need to use a nail harder in                                            your nail care beauty regime. Normal Nails Lucky you! If you have shiny, smooth, pink nails that grow quickly then you have normal nails.                                  Make sure you keep your nails in tip top condition by moisturising your hands after washing them                                  to keep your hands and nails hydrated.

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