What makes a good Software Tester

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Information about What makes a good Software Tester

Published on November 1, 2018

Author: johnyThomson

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slide 1: What makes a good Software Tester When it comes to a job as a software tester there are several thoughts that come to your mind. One factor which strikes most people is to know about the qualities that make a promising quality assurance professional. If you are looking for one of many QA Training courses then it is important for you to know about the characteristics that make you a successful quality assurance professional. The first and the foremost thing that you have to do prior to applying for a job in the software development company are to take inventory of your skills. Take out time and ask yourself if you have a good grasp of the advanced and basic concepts of software testing. If you believe that you have had enough exposure at the previous company or training in school then submit the resume. It is important to remember that it cannot be stressed enough that technical expertise and knowledge is essential to start your career. If you think that you lack certain skills then enroll for a course to improve them. In addition it is of paramount importance for a quality assurance professional to be able to communicate well to both the co-workers and the customer. Most of the times you will work in team and thus maintaining harmonious relationship becomes essential. A good and promising quality assurance professional should also possess good judging and analytical skills. Finding issues in the program and knowing how to fix them are the bread and butter of this profession. Remember that once you start working as a quality assurance professional there would be a lot of critical thinking involved. So if you are keen to start your career as a software tester then you must register for Quality Assurance Training where you will get the exposure needed to revive your career.

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