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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: AshleyToups

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A paper I wrote in one of my speech-language pathology classes.

What Language and Speech Mean to Me Ashley Toups 23 August 2013 Speech and Language Acquisition SPLP 1052 Tuesday/Thursday 8:00-9:15

My current understanding of the term language is a shared code to express thoughts and ideas to others who share the same code and can be verbal or nonverbal. I believe the term speech means anything spoken verbally and can be both communicative and noncommunicative. Language and speech are different in my opinion. I believe language is always communicative but speech is not always communicative. For instance when an owner commands his dog to speak and the dog barks, that is the only thing the dog is doing, it is just speaking and not communicating with a language to its owner. Although, when the dog looks at the owner and the treat in his hand with a sad puppy face and whimpers I then believe the dog is communicating to its owner with a language. The dog expresses to his owner that he really wants that treat. Maybe a better example is someone with a speech impediment I believe is called Wernicke’s Aphasia. An individual with this kind of speech impairment speaks fluently but is not expressing any real words, therefore, I believe that they are speaking but are not communicating because they are not using a real language. I also believe that language can be expressed either verbally or nonverbally, whereas speech can only be expressed verbally. An example of a language being expressed verbally is someone speaking and communicating with a language to others in the social group who understand and speak the same language code. A situation where language can be expressed nonverbally is someone who is deaf or mute and uses sign language to communicate. Another situation would be when a toddler points to a cookie, licks his or her lips, and maybe nods his or her head to communicate and express in a nonverbal language that he or she wants that cookie. I believe speech is always verbal. Whenever I think of the word speak I think of something being voiced, not voiceless.

I believe language we understand and language we express go hand in hand. We express ourselves in the same language we understand and we understand the same language that we express with. Although, I do know some people who have a certain speech impairment where they can express themselves using a language but not being able to understand that same language when someone else speaks it. Another speech impairment some people have is being able to understand a language but not being able to express themselves in that same language. An individual must have understanding and expression in order to communicate normally. I believe a speech-language pathologist works with a patient’s speech and language abilities. Speech and language both work together in order for one to communicate and express themselves in a proper way.

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