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Published on March 18, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Create an easy-to-maintain, dynamic website using the most popular CMS around. presenter: Bonnie Landau From Landau Design Reviews What is Joomla?: What is Joomla? Joomla means “ all together ” in Swahili It is an international software project developed and supported by millions of people around the world. A CMS (Content Management System) Open Source development Why Use Joomla?: Why Use Joomla? Sites are built faster Client can update quickly and easily Provides advanced functionality without development costs - over 9,000 extensions available Easy to customize Active and strong support community Does Joomla Perform Well?: Does Joomla Perform Well? Optimization of site and server Just like any other site How it ’ s built is how well it will perform Joomla developers take security seriously What is a CMS?: What is a CMS? CMS = Content Management System Site is managed by a database Dynamic content generation - page doesn ’ t exist until a user calls for it. Joomla, Database & Template work together to create your website What is Open Source?: What is Open Source? The code is not locked, so anybody can edit and customize it. Generally free, but not always. Joomla is given away for free. Why would developers not lock the code and give it away for free? Popular types of open source software: web browsers customer relationship management (CRM) systems project management systems nug tracking systems message boards blogging platforms Firefox is a popular example How Joomla Works: How Joomla Works Content is separate from style Content is stored in the database as data Style is dictated by your template - also called a skin How the Template Works: How the Template Works Combination of code types to generate look and feel PHP, HTML, CSS Contains styling information: Graphic design Page structure Text/color/spacing styling Template is like a filter. All content goes through template to get styling information for presentation on website. How Extensions Work: How Extensions Work Extends the functionality of the Joomla core Like mini-programs Because Joomla is open-source, 1,000s of extensions are developed each year – 7,594 extensions to date Easy to find a developer to build something custom Who uses Joomla?: Who uses Joomla ? Examples of Joomla Sites: Examples of Joomla Sites Thoughtful China The Capri Hotel Move, Play, Thrive Opticarts Valley Family Health Care Landau Design Reviews Questions?: Questions? What questions do you have about Joomla? PowerPoint Presentation: More questions? Bonnie@LandauDesign.com Bonnie Landau Landau Design Reviews 805-640-1458

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