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Information about What is Weight Management Hypnosis

Published on December 14, 2019

Author: cotswoldhypnotherapy

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slide 1: What is Weight Management Hypnosis An addiction to food can be very serious. It does more than cause someone to be overweight it can ruin their self-esteem. It can lead to an increased risk of serious health issues such as high blood pressure heart disease and diabetes. It can limit mobility and it can cause someone to hide food from others. In addition to food can be a way to cope with life or to overcome certain concerns. Those underlying factors aren’t always so easy to identify though. They can be buried deep in a person’s subconscious. While they may really want to eat healthier to control portions and to lose the weight they are struggling. The more a person fails at those efforts the worse they feel. They may be afraid to try something new because they don’t want to fail again. However a brand new approach may be what is necessary for someone to be able to successfully manage their weight without harmful products or dangerous surgery. Hypnosis can Change Messages in the Brain The process of hypnosis can be a huge part of successful weight management. Through the sessions the messages a person receives in the brain on a subconscious level can be changed. This can reduce cravings for certain foods. It can help a person to feel full with less food and to stay satisfied longer. As a result they will consume fewer calories and that can help them drop weight. It can also help them make better food choices so they have energy rather than feeling sluggish. Such energy can play a role in being motivated to exercise. All of this works like pieces of a puzzle for someone to take off weight and to be able to keep it off.It is important to understand you won’t magically just make such changes when you have gone through the hypnosis process. Instead it should be offered in conjunction with a customised diet plan a personalised exercise plan and ongoing counselling. Yet it can prove to be a great asset to help with the overall goal. Diet slide 2: Working with a dietician is important when someone is overweight. It is time to regain control about what you eat and how much you eat. Too often a person doesn’t realise just how many calories they are taking in each day. They aren’t aware so much of what they consume is being turned into sugar and stored as fat. A diet that offers plenty of protein fresh fruits and fresh vegetables is encouraging. Such food sources have less calories in them. Yet they are used by the body as fuel so they aren’t stored as fat. Reducing the intake of processed foods is very important. A diet plan doesn’t mean you have to feel hungry or deprived though. You will need to consume certain foods though in moderation. Exercise You have to get your body moving if you want to burn calories. Combined with a great exercise plan you will be burning fat and getting stronger. Eating healthier and eating less will allow you to start to see results in less time. Find types of exercise you enjoy so you aren’t looking for excuses not to take part in it. Counselling Many people who are overweight eat due to their emotions. They eat when they are happy or when they are sad. They eat when they feel alone or anxious. Working closely with a counseller it is possible to replace using food as a crutch. They can introduce you to better alternatives. Hypnosis can help you with weight loss too and should be considered. About Us: The mind is a phenomenal part of who we are and what makes us unique. Exploring the mind can help with improving how you feel and being surrounded by positive energy. The realm of hypnotherapy can help with changing behaviours of the mind and even help to get to the core of the subconscious that may be holding you back. Working with a qualified specialist in a controlled environment can make the difference you need for a healthy and high-quality life. Contact us for a free consultation at https://cotswoldhypnotherapy.co.uk/ We are dedicated to working with each of our clients to help them have a bridge between where they are and where they wish to be.

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