What is the meaning of defect in software testing

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Information about What is the meaning of defect in software testing

Published on January 27, 2017

Author: SafeBytesSoftware

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1. What Is The Meaning Of Defect In Software Testing SafeBytes Software

2. Most people take the software that they use on their computers for granted. However, the truth is that it takes a long time and a lot of testing for a piece of computer software to reach its intended users. During the course of the testing process, defects are often detected that would, if left unresolved, otherwise cause problems in the use of the programs. What Is a Software Defect? A software defect, also referred to as a bug, is an error in programming or logic that stops a computer from behaving in a way that it was intended to. Defects are introduced during the programming phase and can be the result of mistakes by software engineers. Buggy Software If a big number of bugs are detected during the testing phase, that piece of software is said to be buggy. Software engineers use bug-tracking software to identify the causes of the bugs. The reports that are released using the information that is collected are called bug reports.

3. Debugging Buggy software cannot be released to end users without the issues having been resolved first. Doing so would otherwise cause a wide range of problems, some of them extremely serious. The process by which software engineers hunt down and resolve the bugs that are on a particular piece of software is called debugging. Software Release After undergoing extensive testing, software is only released to the end users when all the identified bugs have been resolved. This does not, however, mean that all the bugs that are on the system have been removed. Many more bugs are likely to be identified as people begin to use a particular program. Software Update That is one of the reasons why software is constantly being updated; to take care of new bugs that would have been identified during the use of the software. If you have a computer, you will know that the updating process occurs on a regular basis as engineers seek to plug bugs in security and in other places.

4. Scan Your Computer with TotalSystemCare from SafeBytes Bugs are not only introduced during the software development phase. Sometimes, they occur even after the software has been tested and released for use by the public. As you install and uninstall programs on your PC, you inadvertently introduce errors to your computer's registry and to other places. That is why it is so important to always take care of your system. We recommend, in this regard, that you use TotalSystemCare from SafeBytes to boost your computer's speed and make sure that it continues to perform in the way that it was intended to. SafeBytes is a Microsoft certified partner, which means that its software is safe for use on your computer. TotalSystemCare is a lightweight PC performance utility that does wonders on your PC by identifying and correcting registry and other errors. It also helps protect your privacy by identifying deadly tracking cookies and adware that would otherwise be used to collect private information from your machine.

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