What is the main cause of cerebral palsy

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Information about What is the main cause of cerebral palsy

Published on October 25, 2018

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slide 2: Cerebral palsy is a neurological disorder caused due to brain injury. The brain damage can occur either due to brain injury or abnormal development of brain. Also the brain of a child may not develop properly before birth at the time of birth or immediately after the birth. Cerebral Palsy affects the normal movement of various body parts of a child. slide 3: Also the symptoms and severity of thee neurological disorder varies from one child to another. Cerebral Palsy can be any of the four different types – spastic ataxic athetoid/dyskinetic and mixed. About 70 of children suffer with spastic cerebral palsy which is caused due to damage caused to brain’s motor corex. slide 4: Cerebral Palsy is caused due to brain injury as well as abnormal development of brain. The brain of a child may not develop properly before or during birth. Likewise the brains of certain children do not develop properly within five years after birth. slide 5: Despite being a non-progressive neurological disorder Cerebral Palsy affects a child’s motor function and muscle movement. Often orthopaedic find it difficult to identify the exact cause of Cerebral Palsy. But they diagnose the neurological disorder based on common causes like bacterial infection bleeding in the brain head injury or lack of oxygen to brain. slide 6: Content Designed By: Kidsorthopedic

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