What is the future of Microsoft Azure

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Published on August 17, 2018

Author: sudamjena

Source: authorstream.com

What is the future of Microsoft Azure: What is the future of Microsoft Azure http://www.visualpath.in What is MS Azure ?: What is MS Azure ? Microsoft Azure is an open Cloud computing platform started by Microsoft Inc. It is an integrated cloud service which the developers use to build and manage applications through the global network. In the present scenario where Cloud providers are evolving, Microsoft Azure has secured a place and growing steadily as a competitor for the top cloud providers. Microsoft Azure provides a wide range of services from “Infrastructure as a Service” ( IaaS ) and “Platform as a Service” ( PaaS ) to Cloud Managing services. http://www.visualpath.in Positive News & Trends For Microsoft Azure : Positive News & Trends For Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure relies on Microsoft datacenters. The organization currently has 36 Azure data centers with eight more planned for the future. The company is also planning to connect Virginia to Spain through the Marea Subsea Cable which will have the capability to deliver 160 terabytes per second. Arguably, if you have bigger, better, and more data centers than the competition in the cloud industry, you have the capability to beat them. And Microsoft is doing well in this regard. http:// www.visualpath.in Azure Will Soon Have Super Computers : Azure Will Soon Have Super Computers Cray, the company that makes the supercomputers used in academic research and in a number of industries, has partnered with Microsoft to bring their storage systems and super computers onto Azure. This can prove to be a game changer for Azure as this will enable them to offer dedicated Cray systems to end users who subscribe for the service. This means that you do not need to own a supercomputer to use it anymore, and if your organization needs it, you can just subscribe to the right package and gain access to Cray’s systems. While it will take Microsoft some time to add Cray’s capabilities to Azure, we can go ahead and safely assume that access to Cray’s systems will not come cheap to the end user, and it will not be for everyone. http://www.visualpath.in Big Brands Are Increasingly Switching To Azure : Big Brands Are Increasingly Switching To Azure Symantec, the company behind Norton Anti-Virus and security tools, has partnered with Microsoft to move its apps and data to Azure. The organization does not want the additional hassle and cost of owning and operating new datacenters, and Microsoft’s datacenters seem to them like the perfect fit. The company plans to move their digital assets to Azure by March 2018. http://www.visualpath.in Slide 6: Learn Windows Azure Training : Visualpath is the best Windows Azure training institute in Hyderabad. Get Real-Time Windows Azure training from experienced professionals and know about the course details, class timings, fees Certifications and real-life projects. Become a Microsoft/Windows Azure expert - Enroll Now! and Attend Free Demo. For more information about MS Azure online Training contact us @ 9704455959. http://www.visualpath.in Slide 7: http://www.visualpath.in

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