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Published on October 23, 2017

Author: metabolicsurgeryista

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slide 1: One field of medical practice which lies at the frontier especially in the management of obesity and type 2 Diabetes Mellitus is metabolic surgery. This is a relatively nascent field with a great potential for expansion and advancement. Metabolic surgery diabetes surgery or bariatric surgery is the surgical procedure which utilizes bariatric principles and techniques. Prof. Dr. Alper Celik prefers to perform transit bipartition TB diverted DII or non-diverted ileal interposition NDII. Because these kind of operations provide weight loss without ``significant malabsorption`` effective weight control mostly cure type 2 diabetes mellitus 92-94 of all patients improvement on type 2 diabetes mellitus 6-8 of all patients take control of hypertension hyperlipidemia or dyslipidemia obstructive sleep apnea and snoring. WHAT IS THE BEST CHOICE OF TREATMENT OF TYPE 2 DIABETES MELLITUS slide 2: Metabolic surgery should stay away from mechanical restriction and target a functional restriction. The only possible way to accomplish this is to activate the ileal anorexigenic neuropeptides GLP-1 PYY oxyntomodulin etc. in the early course of digestion. If the intestinal satiety signals are too weak or come late during digestion it would be possible for an individual to consume greater amounts of food before the emergence of metabolic satiety. Three type of operations mentioned above need a surgeon talented specialized and dedicated and a multidisciplinary team who are well trained professional highly skilled and technically equipped. Three type of operations are performed laparoscopically includes sleeve gastrectomy in order to reduce ghrelin levels decrease calori intake. TB enhances distal activity because bring the whole ileum to the antrum minimizes malabsorption amplifies upper GI endoscopy. DII maximizes distal gut activity by interposing a segment of ileum to stomach and minimizes proximal activity by excluding the duodenum. slide 3: These procedures are carried out laparoscopically with minimal abdominal incisions. This leads to faster healing time and minimal operative and post-op complications. Obese or non-obese patients who undergo these procedures have achieved dramatic weight loss while type 2 diabetes Mellitus patients have also achieved post-op regulation of their blood sugar with a significant percentage going on to experience remission without the use of insulin or antidiabetic drugs. One major determinant of having a successful procedure is the surgeon. Metabolic surgery is a procedure which requires great skill experience knowledge and training in addition to technical ability. Thus getting the right surgeon is of utmost importance.  Carry out your own background research on what the procedure entails and whether or not you may benefit or qualify as a candidate for it.  Draw up a list of possible surgeons either from the Internet recommendation from your physician family or friends or the website of the medical licensing boards in your area or state.  Look up each surgeon to confirm their qualification training expertise success rates and outcomes they have recorded. Confirm this information from medical boards etc.  Look up their cost and compare with your own budget. This should help to narrow down your options.  Contact the facility via phone mail email to confirm details and possibly make enquiries and subsequently schedule a consultation/appointment.  For Super busy surgeons it is much better to get a referral from your primary care physician. Here are a few tips on how to find professional Metabolic surgery surgeons. slide 4:  Draw up your questions in preparation for the consultation.  The above tips can help you find Metabolic Surgery surgeons. Currently there are only 8 metabolic surgery experts scattered over 6 countries on the globe. One of the renowned surgeons in this field is Prof. Dr. Alper Celik who specializes in metabolic surgery and gastric bypass surgery. He heads a multidisciplinary team who are well trained professional highly skilled and technically equipped. Based in the beautiful city of Istanbul Turkey his clinic is well equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for carrying out Metabolic Surgery TB DII NDII. The team has posted remarkable results with great success and minimal operative complications. For more enquiries and to book an appointment with us today visits our website at www.metabolicsurgeryistanbul.com.

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