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Published on November 22, 2017

Author: techniquedevente

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slide 1: WHAT IS TECHNICAL SELLING BLOG There are several types of Blog Plans:  Trade Technique  Video Blog  B2b B2c Commercial Training For Your Sales Force  Commercial Coaching  Customized Training Strategic Consulting  E-Learning Blended Learning Modules TRADE TECHNIQUE Are you facing a blocking problem or you simply interested in developing your business skills to be more efficient and achieve more sales Here are more than a hundred commercial resources to help you become experts of sales Technique de vente Bring latest technique for sales professional .The techniques are listed below  Listing of our articles with concrete tips  Video training and sales courses  Expert Interviews in sales technique and negotiation  Reading sales tools and recommended software slide 2: VIDEO BLOG This series of free video training in sales and negotiation techniques was born following an original idea of victor Cabrera founder of the blog author and expert in sales and business techniques. We provide you more and more value-added content by  Business development  Sales techniques  Commercial negotiating  Influence and persuasion  Commercial strategy  And many more surprises B2B B2C COMMERCIAL TRAINING FOR YOUR SALES FORCE slide 3: Do you want to develop your commercial Profitability We will give up your business intelligence and your ability to sell more faster more expensive and more discover our sales training in sales and negotiation Our range of commercial training includes Blended Learning Present Training Training to Measure Coaching Commercial E- Learning Training COMMERCIAL COACHING Gets A Commercial Distance Coaching To Boost Your Performance Your Results This offer is dedicated to those who want to act on their commercial performance and obtain concrete results  Do you start in the commercial function  Your business results are not at the rendezvous  Your turnover does not take off and your margin is not enough  Do you have an urgent commercial problem A development project / a new challenge that you cannot succeed alone  You lack insurance / training to prospect with impact  Are you struggling to get appointments and dams on the phone / face to face Technique de vente bring Commercial Distance Coaching to boost your business slide 4: CUSTOMIZED TRAINING STRATEGIC CONSULTING Technique de vente bring the customized training and strategic consulting for sales and marketing to increase the sales In order to obtain a tailor-made quote for the planned business training. You will find a form on customized training and strategic consulting page. You can fill up the form as per your requirements E-LEARNING BLENDED LEARNING MODULES Practical practice commercial training to develop your efficiency and your commercial intelligence in 7 days top chrono step by step 1 video per day 15 / 20mn with a concrete action plan to execute for a rise in competence and quick results .  Sell More Training in 7 days  Efficient Commercial Prospecting  Overcoming Objections  360 ° Training Program Sales Effectiveness  Sales Technique: Winning Strategies slide 5: For more details Visit http://www.technique-de-vente.com/

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