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Published on January 12, 2010

Author: loudclick

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SIMBA = Simultaneous Interactive Marketing & Brand Administration.
This show is a Hypothetical Business Case:
When Corporate Strength Meets Local Agility.

What is SIMBA? When Corporate Strength Meets Local Agility

What is SIMBA? S imultaneous I nteractive M arketing & B rand A dministration

What is SIMBA? SIMBA Combines: LaBreche a brand communications company & LoudClick build websites together

What is SIMBA? Successful Internet brands focus on managing content and encouraging participation within their system. SIMBA allows brands that weren’t born on the Internet the same capabilities.

Before SIMBA The website is the DESTINATION Customers are asked to talk directly to THE BRAND The website is one-way communication from corporate headquarters to customers. Consumers are disconnected from their shopping experience No interaction with local stores/people

After SIMBA The corporate website is the INFORMATION HUB Each store has their own approved website Customers talk directly to THE LOCAL STORE THE LOCAL STAFF The SIMBA Approach: Local ContentEmployee VoicesCorporate Information SyndicatedFamiliar RelationshipsA platform for launching corporate campaigns and initiatives Minneapolis Austin Buffalo Portland

Local Content

Employee Voices

Corporate Information Syndicated

Familiar Relationships

A platform for launching corporate campaigns and initiatives

Corporate Website

Corporate Website

Portland Website

Portland Website

Austin Website

Austin Website

Buffalo Website

Buffalo Website

Minneapolis Website

Minneapolis Website

Key Features

Local Website: Consistent Design & BrandingConsistent Branding

Consistent Design & Branding

Local Website: News & Updates (Syndicated)Newsletter Sign Up (Syndicated)Featured Pet Toy (Syndicated)Updated by Corporate Consistent Branding

News & Updates (Syndicated)

Newsletter Sign Up (Syndicated)

Featured Pet Toy (Syndicated)

Local Content Local Content Local Content Local Content

Corporate Content (Syndicated) Corporate Content (Syndicated) Corporate Content (Syndicated) Corporate Content (Syndicated)

Customer Content

Video Demo Corporate Syndication: Corporate UserSigns into corporate websiteAdds a news itemNews Item is syndicated to all local websites(video on next slide)

Corporate User

Signs into corporate website

Adds a news item

News Item is syndicated to all local websites

Video Demo Local Engagement: Minneapolis Store ManagerNotices 2 submissions have been madeReviews and publishes customer submissionReviews and publishes the Employee Blog PostAdds a local resourceReviews live pages(video on next slide)

Minneapolis Store Manager

Notices 2 submissions have been made

Reviews and publishes customer submission

Reviews and publishes the Employee Blog Post

Adds a local resource

Reviews live pages

Hypothetical Business Case:

Corporate Profile Franchise Company 1,200 Stores 12,000 Store Employees $1.2 Billion Annual Sales $1 Million Annual Sales/Location

Corporate Web Presence 1,201 Websites 1 Corporate Website (Syndication Hub) 1,200 Store Websites Employees Contribute Managers Approve Syndicated Corporate Content

Minneapolis Store

Mary RichardsMinneapolis Store Manager

Lou GrantMinneapolis Team Member

“Lou, you feed your dogs the Simba Pets Deli Fresh Food, would you please write a blog post about your experience?” “Sure thing – I’ll be happy to.”

Store Reach Store Reach 200 Subscribers 86 Subscribers 38 Followers 56 Fans Total Store Reach 380 People

Employee Reach Mary Hubert Lou 33 Followers 42 Followers 50 Followers 92 Friends 120 Friends 200 Friends Employee Reach = 537 People

Total Reach Store Reach 200 Subscribers 86 Subscribers 38 Followers Mary Hubert Lou 56 Fans 33 Followers 42 Followers 50 Followers 92 Friends 120 Friends 200 Friends Store Reach (380 People) + Employee Reach (537 People) Total Reach = 917 People

Minneapolis Store Website Updated Distribution Links Distributed via 200 E-newsletter Subscribers 86 RSS Subscribers 163 Twitter Followers 468 Facebook Fans Results 917 People Receive Update 90 Visit Store (9.8%) $20 Average Customer Visit $1,800 in Additional Sales Website Equity 183 Website Visits 18 New Newsletter Subscribers 9 New RSS Subscribers 9 New Twitter Followers 9 New Facebook Fans

Store Website Updated Business Case Four Updates/Month $7,200 increase in monthly sales 180 additional followers Translated Annually (*12) $86,400 increase in local sales (8.64%) 2,160 increase in followers Corporate Results (Annual) $1,036,800 increase in sales (8.64%) 2,592,000 additional local followers Intangible Results More engaged workforce Local content Community connection Improve franchisee relations Stronger franchise offering Incredible story/press opportunity

LaBreche Brand Development Public Relations & Social Media Interactive Design LaBreche helps corporate maximize brand communication through the network.

LoudClick Minnesota Corporation Founded in 2006 Technology Development- 18 months Public Implementation- 24 months Enterprise Development- 12 months 20+ Private Equity Investors LoudClick helps local users maximize their marketing efforts

LoudClick Private Branding Existing Technology Thousands of Websites Thousands of Users 100% Managed Technology, Infrastructure & Operations LoudClick helps local users maximize their marketing efforts

LoudClick Online Marketing Best Practices Content Social Media Live Support No Corporate Training Costs No Corporate Staffing Costs LoudClick helps local users maximize their marketing efforts

For more info contact: Beth LaBrecheblabreche@labreche.com 612.338.0901

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