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Published on May 28, 2014

Author: SavioVaz

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SMILE', short for 'Small Incision Lenticular Extraction' is no flap, no pain, quick recovery, and fully computer operated by the femtosecond laser. This new technique, is only possible with the Visumax femotsecond laser by Carl Zeiss, and is the least invasive therapy possible these days.


ReLEx SMILE often known simply as SMILE, stands for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction, is a method that allows correction of higher myopic prescriptions more safely with better long term results than standard LASIK laser eye surgery.

SMILE is NO FLAP, NO PAIN, QUICK RECOVERY, and fully computer operated by the Femtosecond Laser. This new technique, is only possible with the VisuMax femotsecond laser by Carl Zeiss, and is the least invasive therapy possible these days

• High powers achieve better quality of vision. • Those prone to dry eyes. • Those with corneal surface issues due to contact lens overuse. • Those in careers like frequent travels, extreme sports, Army, Navy, Air Force, police, where recovery should be quick and safe

Flapless ReLEx is turning the world of refractive surgery on its head. Previously a side-cut of roughly 20 mm had to be created, whereas a small incision of less than 4 mm is sufficient in ReLEx SMILE making it a micro incision keyhole procedure.

All – Femto / All –Laser By choosing ReLEx you will be making complete and exclusive use of the high-precision ZEISS VisuMax laser - and exploiting the benefits of modern femtosecond technology.

Single-Step ReLEx brings together a number of factors which clearly belong together: the entire laser treatment, consisting of lenticule creation and access, takes place in a single step.

Freedom is on the other side of glasses ReLEx and let your eyes express ! Talk to your doctor today…

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