What Is Matcha ?

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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: FirsdTea

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What Is Matcha ?

Matcha Zhejiang Camel Transworld (Organic Food) Co., Ltd August2013

What is Matcha ? • Matcha is made from shade-grown tea leaves. During the primary processing procedure, the fresh tea leaves are not rolled during drying; these half-finished tea leaves are known as Tencha. To finish, the Tencha will be grinded by the granite stone mills into premium tea powder—Matcha.

Tea Plantation Management: Shade Cultivation • The tea plantation will be covered with black tarp. • This cultivation method prevents the tea leaves from direct sunlight, in which allows the tea leaves to be thinner and larger. This procedure promotes the photosynthesis which helps tea leaves to become dark green and have deep flavor and better aroma. Premium Tencha smells like sea sedge or seaweed.

Raw Material of Matcha: The Processing Procedure of Tencha • The key characteristics of Tencha: The high-quality fresh leaves and the combination of delicate steaming and drying techniques. • Minimize the destruction of tea cells during the processing procedure, thus ensuring the most nutrients remain.

The Deep Processing of Tencha Raw Material •1st Uniform mixing-sieve and cut-Tea leave selection-Drying-2nd Uniform mixing

Use the Granite Stone Mills to grind the Tencha into Matcha • One of the Tencha processing methods is the granite stone mills method, this is the best way to keep the original taste of tea. • A granite stone mill only can grind 40 gram Matcha per hour. • In order to maintain the active ingredients in tea and ensure the Matcha can be processed in a stable environment, the humidity and temperature in the chamber is strictly controlled.

Other Green Tea Powder Facilities •Besides the granite stone mills, we also import the grind and sterilization facilities from Japan; in order to provide our customers different grades of Green Tea Powder.

Our Quality Commitment: Produce and Provide Safe and Secure Products Consistently • Our professional quality control personnel will ensure the functional review of raw tea. As well as, the other scientific tests; (i.e.) physical inspection and analysis , microbiological examination and pesticide residue inspection. • Physical and Microbiological examination for all batches. • We only ship qualified products.

Let the Authentic Matcha head home from Japan to China! •We have devoted ourselves to introducing our safe and secure products to customers nationally. We are looking forward to the advice from your company.

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