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Published on February 21, 2014

Author: ErayAlan

Source: slideshare.net


An Interaction Design definition starting from Verplank’s “Questions of interaction design”, then explaining his IxD process’s phases with Malouf’s foundations, Saffer’s elements and Cooper’s patterns

Metaphor According to David Malouf; IxD builds on 5 main foundations. These foundations are used to create the meaning in IxD process. Metaphors help designers to describe interaction in most effective way. Abstraction works aside the metaphor to translate human motions to machines. Time makes interaction design different from the other disciplines of user experience (UX). It is the wrapper of our experience of an interaction and must live over time. The elements of IxD such as; motion, space and time come with their negative space which need to be considered and used in design process. All the foundations of IxD show that many design discipline involves and intersects in this subject of design. i ve trac tion gat Ne ace Abs Sp MEANING Int ers ec Bill Verplank tells that IxD involves to answer three questions; “How do you know?”, “How do you feel?” and “How do you do?”. To answer these questions IxD fallows the process, which is consist of 4 phases. First, the designers are motivated by an error or inspired by an idea to decide what the ideal goal for the design should be. Next they find a metaphor that connects the motivation to the end goal and develop scenarios to help them create meaning. Then they work out step- by-step what the tasks are and find a conceptual model that ties them all together and clarifies the modes. Finally they decide what kind of display is needed, what the controls are, and how to map them. tio n Idea Space MOTIVATION How do you know? MODEL How do you feel? ion M ot l ra Be ha tu vio s Po ral Structural Interaction Design MAPPING Ap ar an xtu Te pe re Inter (from Latin; inter: Between, among) + action (from Latin; āctiō: Act of doing or making) Design (from Latin; dēsignō: I mark, trace out, plan, outline) Designing the behaviors of products, services and environments for human use. e Error Tim How do you do? ce Sound Dan Safferinter states that; there are six main elements of IxD To create the models of the behaviors, until we start to use only brain control for our actions and getting feedback (which I believe is the future) motion is a must and need to be defined in space and time (just if we forget Special Relativity for a second not to confuse us more). At the end of the IxD process while defining the controls and displays; sound, appearance and texture are used together with the help of Alan Cooper’s postural, structural and behavioral patterns of IxD, to find an answer for “How do you do?” question.

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