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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: ereyes

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This presentation is about the meaning of innovation. Includes 2 examples about social and technical innovation.


Eduardo Reyes innovation entrepreneurship business Master in Innovation Adolfo Ibáñez University (2012) Business Engineer Alberto Hurtado University (2012) International Trade Engineer Metropolitan Technological University (1998)

I choose to study innovation?

If an Engineer can create Ironman

A Master can can improve it

innovation is important?

Empowers the HUMAN development

Everyone can INNOVATE

Problem Only a few people knows what is innovation

Outlines [1] Innova… what? [2] Examples [3] Conclusion: personal interpretation

1 Innova… what?

Is this innovation?

What about this?

Is this this innovation?

Is this this innovation?


[1] Innovation is: “…the implementation of a new or significantly improved product (good or service), or process … in business practices, workplace organization or external relations”1 OSLO MANUAL

[2] Innovation is: "The continuing actions to create something new (product, process, business model, etc..) That creates value for a critical mass of users (clients) to break an existing standard and generates returns for the company"2 The Boston Consulting Group

create value

create value through new things

2 Examples

Example Emerge Program

Situation In the region of Antofagasta, mining companies exploit the resources and keep almost the totality of the incomes.

Problem Some of the entrepreneurs don t have enought money.

Opportunity! RSE se valida y genera valor a la organización Direccionamos y conducimos la oferta en función de la demanda Catalizamos el proceso de conexión Nos encargamos de la selección Obtener reconocimiento de la comunidad, premios Aumentamos la “deseabilidad” de los productos y servicios Asegurar la continuidad operativa Resultados verificables, comprobables y simples CONSULTORIA: 1. Diagnostico Publicidad y buenos resultados en el Informe de Sustentabilidad No tener que pedir plata todos los años Generar mucho ahorro en $$$ Optimizar recursos, tiem po y dinero Organizar programas de emprendimiento y educación Evitar que hablen mal de la empresa 2. Definición de plataforma 3. Customización 4. Implementación Evitar conflictos con la comunidad La comunidad presiona por más recursos 5. Seguimiento 6. Evaluación Más cantidad y calidad de partners + Trabajo + Calidad + Impacto Emprendedores Seleccionamos a los proveedores locales Conectamos, catalizadores e inductores Hacemos seguimiento del proceso Aminoramos la asimetría de información Buscamos dónde colocar a los emprendedores No tiene métricas para evaluar sus resultados Necesita eficientar el presupuesto de RSE Entiende que capacitar no es su core No tienen proveedores de calidad Entiende que seleccionar no es su core Fuente de costos pero no de ingresos - Cobro por evento - Publicidad de Marca Buscar proveedores de calidad Mejorar condiciones comerciales, asegurar bajos costos

Solution www.redemprendedores.cl

impact Increase the entrepreneur's sell %

innovation impact people life

Example Relining

Situation When a mining company extract the cooper, must transport it for processing.

Problem Some minerals has acids producing the steel pipe s corrosion.

Patent Pending: US61/854,832 Solution Deforming a plastic pipe. Then insert it into the steel pipe.

Patent Pending: US61/854,832

impact reduce period of lining a pipe 81% Estimation of working days in one lining operation period from the same operation at the beginning of the project.

impact reduce accidents and incidents 94% Estimation of working days with respect days not worked by incidents or accidents

Are they the innovators?

NO! this guys are the innovators

people PUSH the innovation

innovation PUSH the people

3 Personal interpretation

Innovation is: PEOPLE creates value through new things FOR THE PEOPLE

Thank you


REFERENCES - Boston Consulting Group https://www.bcgperspectives.com/content/ articlesinnovation_growth_most_innovative_companies_2013_lessons_from_leaders/ - OSLO MANUAL, 2001 www.global-innovation.net/innovation/Innovation_Definitions.pdf - FRASCATI MANUAL, 2002 www.unze.ba/nauka/FRASCATI.pdf

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