What is HR management?

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Information about What is HR management?

Published on January 17, 2018

Author: itminstitute

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slide 1: What is HR management 1 slide 2: Human resource management is the way to managing the personnel of an organisation. This is a function of an organisation that is concerned with recruiting managing compensation understanding and evaluating the performance of an employee and rewarding them thereafter. Diploma in HR management is a necessity today because of the ever evolving role of HR executives in an organisation. 2 slide 3: Why Study Human Resource Management 3 slide 4: There are various benefits of studying human resource benefits such as: ● They help keep employees motivated ● They help to engage employees in an organisation ● HR executives also contribute to the employees success which in turn leads to organisational success. The measurable impact of employees in an organisation is determined by HR executive by training employees and assigning to the appropriate roles. HR executives help develop an organisational culture and climate. 4 slide 5: What Are Available Human Resources Career 5 slide 6: There are different types of human resource careers that are available to HR executives such as: ● Administrative service manager: The one who plans directs and coordinates services of an organisation. ● Compensation and benefits manager: These are professionals who negotiate on the salary of employees and also understands the benefits that would help employees in an organisation. ● Training and development manager: Executives that help to train employees after being appointed in an organisation is an important part for the development of the employee as well as an organisation ● Recruitment manager: The process of short listing selecting and recruiting employees in an organisation is a recruitment manager. 6 slide 7: What is the Role Of Human Resource Management 7 slide 8: The role of human resource management is related to the following areas: ● Plan and coordinate the workforce of an organisation to use the employees potential to its maximum. ● Defining the goals of an employee to fulfil the organizations goals in completion ● Define the benefits of employee programs ● Serve as a coordinator for other managers and explain them about human resource issues such as equal employment opportunities and sexual harassment at the office space. ● Carry out the staffing process. ● Handling disputes in an organisation and directing disciplinary actions against people who disregard the policies of the organisation. When you enrol for human resource management diploma courses you would get to attain knowledge about all of these functions. 8 slide 9: ITM Institute offers Executive MBA and PGDM Course. Know about the various courses and specializations offered by visiting the Institute’s website: Website - https://www.itm.edu/ 9 slide 10: RESOURCES Images: www.freepik.com Resources 10 ITM .EDU slide 11: THANK YOU

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