What is financial freedom?

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Information about What is financial freedom?

Published on February 27, 2014

Author: Kaynijo

Source: slideshare.net


What if we could spend our time doing what we love and fulfilling our Divine purpose instead of moping around complaining about our jobs? Financial Freedom is not necessarily about becoming a billionaire. It is about having enough passive or residual income to cover our living expenses. With financial freedom comes choice. For more visit: http://kaynijo.wordpress.com/wow/

What is Financial Freedom? Ahhhhh!!! – we gonna talk about money… Presented by K Nicole Johnson at a Women of Worth (WoW) meeting http://kaynijo.wordpress.com/wow/

Financial Freedom?!?! What is your most valuable asset? • Your house? • Your education? • Your car? • Your job?

Your most valuable asset is… Your TIME.

What do you spend your time doing? • Complaining about your job? • Wishing you had a better lifestyle? • Complaining about cost of living? • The list goes on and on and on.

Financial Freedom • Financial Freedom is having enough passive or residual income to cover your living expenses.

Passive or Residual Income • Income earned over and over again from work that you did one time. • Example: income earned from intellectual property such as a book. • Example: income earned from a business such as a franchise or network marketing.

Financial Freedom is not… • Necessarily living in a huge house • Becoming a billionaire

How to achieve it • ↑ your passive income • ↓ your living expenses

Huh?!?! Questions & Answers… http://kaynijo.wordpress.com/wow/

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