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Published on March 5, 2016

Author: SoftwareTestingBooks

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1. What is Defect & How to Write Defect Report ? Defect Report is a document which is created by the Test Lead. Using this Document developer come to know the exact position of it as well as location of defect, so he can fix it easily. Templates of Defect Report  Defect id :  Project Name :  Module Name :  Sub Module Name :  Type of Defect : (wrong , missing or extra)  Status : (New, open , assign, fix)  Severity : (high, medium, low)  Priority : (high, medium, low)  Summary :  Description : (Steps To Reproduce)  Expected Result :  Actual Results : Reported By : Assign To :

2. Date & Time : Example : Defect Report for Employee Login Page  Defect id : D001  Project Name : MyASP  Module Name : Login  Sub Module Name : Employee Login  Type of Defect : Missing  Status : New  Severity : High  Priority :  Summary : Employee Login Page Not Opening  Description : 1. Enter Url 2. Click On the Employee Login Option  Expected Result : Employee login page should get open  Actual Results : Employee login page not get open Reported By : ABC Tester Assign To : XYZ Developer Date & Time : 12/28/2015 Refer : Defect Report Templates

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