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Published on February 10, 2014

Author: earn6figures4life

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Crowd Fund Giving is a new paradigm shift in fund-raising. #crowdfunding raised over 3.2B dollars in 2012 and 5.2B in 2013. The expectations for 2014 and beyond has no limit. Learn more about this innovative platform that will change the way you view fundraising or giving FOREVER!
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______ WHAT IS ______ CrowdFund Giving - Featuring Our Compounded Funding

t CROWD FUND GIVING So What is CrowdFund Giving? Our CrowdFunding Platform allows you to post your PASSION, BUSINESS or PROJECT that needs funding. It's a cool place where you can fund virtually anything without giving up any equity. Other people and organizations can actually benefit financially, by helping YOU to fund your project. And, they can also get in on your action, again without you giving up any equity ... www.WhatIsCrowdFundGiving.com

t CROWD FUND GIVING So What Can Be Funded ??? Business opportunities, non-profit organizations, charities, writing books, creating videos, audios, art, movies, travel, hospital bills, inventions, startups, manufacturing, information and just about anything else ... www.WhatIsCrowdFundGiving.com

t CROWD FUND GIVING So How Does it Work? You sign-up to get your own "CrowdFund Giving" Platform (total out-of-pocket cost), is only $15 ... Then, create your own project from the "back office" that is provided to you, using (plain text or html). Then, POST IT "LIVE" !!! Next ... Start promoting your "CrowdFunding" project to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social networks. And, don't forget your email list ... *No monthly fees. $10 plus $5 admin (total $15).

t CROWD FUND GIVING ... Other Ways to Broadcast Your Good News ... Press releases, be a guest on radio and TV talk shows. do Google hangouts ... Another method of exposure, is to ask people on your social networks to re-post it to their friends ... Think about it. It costs them nothing to do that. Of course, calling people and organizations that could use "CrowdFund Giving" for their needs. Remember, doing this helps fund your project amazingly fast ...

t CROWD FUND GIVING Let's Go Through Some Other Features. Raise unlimited funds (the gift that keeps on giving). You keep 100% of the equity. You control the money (no oversight). No time-limits. No advertising restrictions. No SEC filings. Fund virtually anything (home-based businesses too). You keep 100% of the contributions.

t CROWD FUND GIVING ... Here's Our 3 Major Features ... No Commissions Taken From Your Contributions. You keep 100% of the money given, minus the processing fees from your credit or debit card provider. More Flexibility. You can fund virtually anything as compared to any other crowdfunding platform. Exclusive Compounded Funding It's truly amazing on how just $15, can turn into an incredible massive cash-generating machine to help fund your project, or you personally !!! www.WhatIsCrowdFundGiving.com

t CROWD FUND GIVING Federal Trade Commission Disclaimer Mandate As with any business or opportunity. You may not make a dime or raise any money for your project. Monies earned or raised (if any), are all based on sales, contributions and your business skill set. WARNING! www.WhatIsCrowdFundGiving.com

t CROWD FUND GIVING Two Methods Of Funding ONE: People give you money to help your project. All they do is just go to your project page and contribute. TWO: People get their own CrowdFunding platform ($15), and start generating funds for their needs. When this occurs and including upgrades, you make money ... ONE MORE THING ... You can make money WITHOUT having a project! HOW? Just help other people who want CrowdFunding and you'll never have to do any fundraising! All you do is, simply refer other people to your Nextlevelx website ... Thanks For Watching! ...

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