What is Cold Calling 2.0 - The $100M Sales Prospecting System of Cold Calling without Cold Calls

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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: stefanboyle



Learn How to Dramatically Improve the Effectiveness of Your Sales Team and Significantly increase your Sales Pipeline using Cold Calling 2.0, the process developed by Aaron Ross which was responsible for $100M of recurring revenue at in just 4 years!

Marketing Republic are the only agency providing Cold Calling 2.0 as an outsourced service. Find out more by visiting

How to Dramatically Improve the Effectiveness of Your Sales Team and Significantly increase your Sales Pipeline

The Problem with Cold Calling… Some people admit that they hate making Cold Calls… and the rest lie! The reason people hate making cold calls is primarily because people hate receiving them Cold Calling still works but is nowhere near as effective as it used to be or needs to be

The Problem with Cold Calling… Because with traditional cold calling, 80%+ of the time is spent trying to find the right person to speak to – rather than on having productive business conversations or selling Realistically, if you're sales team are making even ONE cold call per day they're wasting time. But if you implement a system that builds predictable revenue, you're not leaving those untapped £millions on the table for your competition!

The Problem with Cold Calling… You’re Sales Team Want to Focus on Closing More Deals ...NOT on Cold Calling!

The Problem with Cold Calling… But traditional telemarketing is not as effective as it used to be... It’s just getting more and more difficult to get through to the right people

The Problem with Cold Calling… Telemarketing agencies can set appointments... But appointments don’t make money! CONVERSION makes money!

The Problem with Cold Calling… Outsourcing Cold Calling and Lead Generation enables your Sales Team to concentrate on converting their pipeline into more customers!

The Problem with Cold Calling… But you MUST have an effective systemised approach to cold calling that creates opportunities... NOT just appointments!

Let me introduce a system that is revolutionary in its process and more importantly in the results... Cold Calling 2.0 Creating Predictable Revenue & Unlimited Growth Potential!

What is Cold Calling 2.0 ? ‘A Systemised Approach to Lead Generation’ In principle, the irony of Cold Calling 2.0 is that it’s… ‘COLD CALLING… WITHOUT THE COLD CALLS’ ‘The proven process that was responsible for $100M in Recurring Revenue for’

Cold Calling 2.0 is a finely tuned Lead Generation process that can deliver a predictable number of high quality, QUALIFIED sales leads to you every week, every month... For as long as you need them! So you're sales team only spend time with potential clients who already understand what you do... And have already proactively asked you to help them solve their problem!

To our knowledge... Marketing Republic are currently the ONLY Lead Generation Agency providing Cold Calling 2.0 as a service…in the World!

Cold Calling 2.0 uses personal looking emails to ask for referrals to the right person to talk to with Mapping Calls… …a telephone research based approach to identify the right people to talk with

What is Cold Calling 2.0 ? Once you’ve begun an email conversation and started to build a relationship… Your first call is no longer a Cold Call!

Why Does Cold Calling 2.0 Work? •Our teams are 100% focused on Outbound Prospecting •Cold Calling 2.0 creates Predictable Revenue •It’s highly effective •Growth potential is only limited by your target market •Sustainable process

Here’s an example of how our highly trained Prospecting Consultants Can Develop 8-15 qualified opportunities per month • Let’s say you have a 20% conversion rate • This gives you approx 2 new clients per month... • 24 clients per annum So revenue per prospecting consultant is 24 new clients x Average annual customer value

Of course this doesn’t work for every business. • We are most effective working with B2B businesses with average annual customer value of £100k+ • Who want to increase the performance of the sales team and deliver an increased, consistent pipeline • Who want to achieve sustained business growth Our outbound prospecting team can multiply your sales teams effectiveness!

“If you want to grow, the most important thing isn’t how great your salespeople are or how effective their sales process is. The most important thing, the thing that determines how fast you grow (or don’t), is having predictable ways to generate quality pipeline for them.” Aaron Ross – Author of Best Selling Business Book, Predictable Revenue, and Inventor of Cold Calling 2.0

Thank you Please get in touch here: T:44 845 862 5550 With thanks to Aaron Ross,

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