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Published on November 1, 2007

Author: Naples

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Slide1:  Event Date Location Speaker, Organisation This ppt presentation provides some basic information about CIVITAS, its projects and participating cities. Please select slides that are interesting to include into your presentation What is the CIVITAS Initiative about?:  What is the CIVITAS Initiative about? The CIVITAS Initiative is an integrated approach to clean urban transport, which supports demonstration projects integrating both technologies and transport policies in clean urban transport, stressing both the energy and the transport elements CIVITAS: CIty–VITAlity–Sustainability:  CIVITAS: CIty–VITAlity–Sustainability Funding programme of DG TREN in the 6th framework programme Participants: CIVITAS I (2002-2006): 19 cities in 4 demonstration projects CIVITAS II (2005-2009): 17 cities in 4 demonstration projects 2 horizontal support projects (METEOR, CIVITAS GUARD) The Demonstration Projects:  The Demonstration Projects CIVITAS II CIVITAS-SMILE: Malmö, Norwich, Potenza, Suceava, Tallinn CIVITAS-MOBILIS: Toulouse, Venice, Ljubljana, Debrecen, Odense CIVITAS-CARAVEL: Genoa, Krakow, Burgos, Stuttgart CIVITAS-SUCCESS: La Rochelle, Preston, Ploiesti CIVITAS I CIVITAS-TELLUS: Rotterdam, Berlin, Göteborg, Bucharest, Gdynia CIVITAS-VIVALDI: Bristol, Bremen, Nantes, Aalborg, Kaunas CIVITAS-MIRACLES: Rome, Barcelona, Winchester, Cork CIVITAS-TRENDSETTER: Stockholm, Graz, Lille, Prague, Pecs Key elements for CIVITAS CIVITAS is coordinated by cities Cities are in the heart of local private public partnerships Political commitment as a basic requirement Cities are ‘Laboratories’ – learning and evaluating :  Key elements for CIVITAS CIVITAS is coordinated by cities Cities are in the heart of local private public partnerships Political commitment as a basic requirement Cities are ‘Laboratories’ – learning and evaluating Background Information :  Background Information 36 cities all over Europe Volume of funding by EU: 100 Mio € Total budget: over 300 Mio € Objectives: to promote and implement sustainable, clean and efficient urban transport to implement and test real change by integrated packages of technology and policy measures in the field of energy and transport in 8 categories of measures building up critical mass and markets CIVITAS Measures (1) :  CIVITAS Measures (1) Energy-efficient, cost-effective and clean public and/or private vehicle fleets and the necessary infrastructure Demand management strategies based upon access restrictions to the inner city areas and other sensitive zones Demand management and revenue raising strategies based upon integrated area-wide pricing strategies Stimulation of collective passenger transport and the quality of service offered to passengers CIVITAS Measures (2):  CIVITAS Measures (2) New forms of vehicle use and/or ownership and less car intensive lifestyles New concepts for the distribution of goods Innovative ‘soft’ measures for managing mobility demand Integration of transport management systems and related information services CIVITAS II Family: 4 Demonstration Projects in 17 Cities:  CIVITAS II Family: 4 Demonstration Projects in 17 Cities Exchange of Experience within the CIVITAS II Family:  Exchange of Experience within the CIVITAS II Family Specific Support Action CIVITAS GUARD:  Specific Support Action CIVITAS GUARD Support for the CIVITAS demonstration projects & cities Cross-site evaluation and european wide dissemination in cooperation with the demonstration projects Support in the organisation of the CIVITAS Forums Providing the Secretariat for the Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) Development of policy recommendations for a long-term multiplier effect of CIVITAS Support to EC in monitoring the demonstration projects Slide12:  Thank you Eric Speaker contact mail@mail.org www.civitas-initiative.org

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