What Is Apple's iCloud Keychain and How It Keeps Your Password Secure

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Information about What Is Apple's iCloud Keychain and How It Keeps Your Password Secure

Published on February 4, 2014

Author: techahead

Source: slideshare.net


If you are tired of remembering numerous passwords each day here is an answer from Apple to assist you in a secure and convinient way, here is iCloud Keychain. See how it can help you ease your work across all Apple devices.

1) What is iCloud KeyChain

* iCloud Keychain is a security App from Aplple
* It helps users save their Safari website username, passwords, credit card, wifi information synchronized across various devices running on iOS 7.0.3 or OS X Mavericks v10.9 or later.
* iCloud Keychain also syncs your Mails, contacts, , Calendar, and Messages across all Apple devices.

2) How does iCloud Keychain work?
*iCloud Keychain saves your secure information and keeps them up to date only on devices you select.
* A new device is added in the list only after approval and notification.
* It uses industry standard encryption techniques on all your devices providing you full security.

3) How to setup iCloud Keychain?
* Once updated to iOS 7.0.3 or later you will be asked to setup the iCloud Keychain account.
* If you have skipped the step then on an iOS device

a) Goto your device Settings > iCloud and turn Keychain on
b) The onscreen instructions wizard will guide you how to complete the setup.

* For Mac OS X Mavericks v10.9 or later

a) Goto Apple () menu > System Preferences, then click iCloud.
b) Select Keychain.
c) Optionally set a password to unlock your screen after sleep or after the screen saver begins.
d) Enter your Apple ID and password.
e) Follow the onscreen instructions to complete setup.

4) iCloud Security Code ?

* iCloud Security Code is a 4 digit random number which helps you lock your device connected to iCloud.
* This code is also helpful in recovering iCloud Keychain if you lose your devices.

5) Apple can not recover your iCloud Security Code

* If you lose or forget your iCloud Security code Apple can help you provide a few more unsuccessful attempts by contacting customer care.
* Apple cannot recover your iCloud Security Code.
* Apple removes iCloud Keychain from its server in case of too many incorrect attempts.

6) Some Security tips for using iCloud Keychain

* Make sure you do not store your credit card information on your device if you have a tendency to forget passwords.
* Always write your iCloud password in some diary or notebook and keep it in a closet or secure place.
* If your iCloud password is compromised make sure you change it as soon as possible by reseting it

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