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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: Harizmalife

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The IT Business Analyst is the professional who is generally associated with requirements elicitation/analysis and solving problems using information technology solutions. This role is the bridge between business & IT.

What Is Analyst? Olya Zakharova, PhD 16 February 2014

RoadMap • Analyst Definition • Analyst Common Roles • Modern Analyst • Must Understand • Finance • Business&Marketing • IT&Software Development • Business Analysts Roles/Titles

Analyst Definition • a person who analyses or is skilled in analysis; • a person who reviews and examines data or information for a specific area; • can fulfill a variety of roles.

Analyst Common Roles • Business Process Analyst analyzes, documents, and improves business processes • Business Analyst gathers, documents, analysis business needs and requirements • Product Manager guides the features and direction of a given product from a high-level perspective • Systems Analyst designs the functional behavior of the system as well as designs and documents the logical components of the system and creates functional specifications • Designer/Architect designs and architects the physical components of the system to be implemented by the development team

Modern Analyst

Must understand • “The Business” must have an intimate knowledge of the business processes and needs of the organization they are working for. • The challenges of technology and the needs of the development team has to realize that technology, while a great advent, it’s not easy to employ – and it requires highly specialized technical skills and resources.

Finance • Accounting Analyst evaluates and interprets public company financial statements • Cost Analyst analyzes business operations to determine which courses of action are most efficacious in business • Financial Analyst analyzes securities and business equity in economics and finance • Quantitative Analyst applies mathematical techniques to investment banking, especially in the fields of risk management, trading and financial derivatives

Business&Marketing • Business Analyst examines the needs and concerns of clients and stakeholders to determine where potential problems and opportunities lie (Business Systems Analyst) • Industry Analyst performs market research on segments of specific industries toward the identification of trends in business and finance • Marketing Analyst analyzes price, customer, competitor and economic data to help companies

IT&Software Development • Systems Analyst or Information Analyst analyzes technical design and functional design for software development • Usability or UX (User eXperience) Analyst are involved in the interface design or UX for software applications and websites • Web Metrics Analyst examines trends and patterns in the use and expansion of the World Wide Web in webometrics

Business Analysts Roles/Titles • Business Analyst • Business Process Analyst • Business Systems Analyst • Systems Analyst • IT Business Analyst • Data Analyst • Requirements Engineer/Analyst • Functional Architect • Usability/UX Analyst

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