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Published on September 24, 2015

Author: Mahindra_Comviva

Source: slideshare.net

1. 1© Copyright Comviva Technologies Limited. 2015 1 WHAT IS SMS HUB

2. 2© Copyright Comviva Technologies Limited. 2015 The SMS hub is a new structure for the flow of international SMSs between telecom operators, who intend to reshape the way international mobile interoperability works to intermediate SMS traffic and extend the SMS coverage by implementing hubs. Why is an SMS hub required? Traffic from text messaging is increasing rapidly round the globe. At the same time, issues related to interconnectivity and interoperability are gaining momentum. In this scenario, mobile operators are readily inking interworking and roaming agreements. However, the earned revenue benefits from an interworking connection may not justify the investment made towards establishing it. In order to overcome the challenges related to the global text messaging traffic, SMS hubs have outlined a new structure for international SMS interoperability. SMS hubs are an efficient method of establishing, extending and managing interoperability with multiple global telecom connections. They ensure the better coverage of the text message facility provided the various telecom operators.

3. 3© Copyright Comviva Technologies Limited. 2015 Increased global reach - Complex roaming agreements are a major challenge for telecom operators today. It entails multiple payment schemes, coordination of routing policies, legal and regulatory requirements and coordination of routing policies. SMS hubs enable telecom operators to increase the global connectivity without preparing any bilateral roaming agreements. The planning done by an operator to enhance the coverage of their SMS facility does not need to manage various bilateral agreements. The SMS hub can be used for tapping new markets and enabling interworking between the operators. Reduce capital expenditure - The expansion of products and services portfolio from an operator requires increased costs and concerns. The SMS hub eliminates the requirement of investing or scaling up of existing infrastructure while the operators connect to them. The requisites include leveraging the existing technology, software and hardware resources. This omits the requirement to invest in operator specific resources leading to saving on an operator’s CAPEX. Advantages of SMS hub

4. 4© Copyright Comviva Technologies Limited. 2015 Enhance customer service - For most of the telecom operators, managing the high volume of SMS traffic is a significant challenge. With new-age SMS hub gateways, the subscribers are free to send and receive messages locally as well as globally with the same ease. This is well-enabled by the platform’s resilience and high quality. SMS hub for Android and other platforms along with the SMS hub for applications can help telecom operators to enhance their revenue and realize the additional cost efficiencies.

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