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Published on January 5, 2009

Author: nanross

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Not sure if you want to start a blog? View this presentation on the advantages and the disadvantages of starting a free hosted blog or a nonhosted blog. Happy Blogging?

What Is A Blog? CORPORATECOSMO.COM The cosmopolitan style of marketing

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What You Will Learn: • What Is A Blog? • To Host or Not To Host • Different Blogging Platform

What Is A Blog? 1. Contents listed in chronological order with recent post on top

What Is A Blog? 2. Content is frequently updated (which the search engine loves)

What Is A Blog? 3. Allows Your Audience To Leave Comments (great way to build relationships and communities)

What Is A Blog? 4. Easy as 1-2-3 to add new content click on 1. new post 2. add content 3. click publish

What Is A Blog? 5. Establish you as an industry leader (opportunity to gain authority and credibility)

To Host or Not To Host

(2) Main Types of Blogs • Hosted Blogs • Nonhosted Blogs

Hosted Blogs Advantages: • No need to worry about software/coding knowledge • Hosting/Service is Free • Easier to jump start

Hosted Blogs Disadvantages: • You don’t have total control of your blog (Hosted blogs have guidelines you must follow, if you do not follow their rules, your blog will be removed.)

Hosted Blogs Disadvantages: • Limitations on Customizing Your Blog (You can not install your own plug-ins or extras. The level of customization is limited.)

Hosted Blogs Disadvantages: • Unable to Monetize Your Blog (Unable to start affiliate programs Google AdSense or any other programs to generate income)

Nonhosted Blogs (blogs on your web server) Advantages: • Monetize Your Blog by Contextural Advertising Affiliated Links Selling Products

Nonhosted Blogs (blogs on your web server) Advantages: • Personalization and Customization (access to free plugins, widget, templates to personalize and customize your blogs to fit your brand)

Nonhosted Blogs (blogs on your web server) Advantages: • More Bandwith Space (Free, hosted blogs have space limitations With non-hosted blog you can use as much space as you need)

Nonhosted Blogs (blogs on your web server) Disadvantages: • Requires More Technological Skills (You are responsible for installing, maintaining and backing up all data. Many web hosts will not give technical support.)

Nonhosted Blogs (blogs on your web server) Disadvantages: • Paying for Domain Registration and Web Hosting

Different Blogging Platform: • Wordpress.com • Blogger.com • Typepad.com • Movabletype.com

My Personal Experience! Last years I started blogging using the free hosted blog from Wordpress.com. (A great platform for beginners to get their feet wet.) I fell in love with blogging! But, I was adamant about exploring the additional features the free hosted platform could not provide. For example: • Audio, Video content without any space limitation. • Personalizing and customizing layout. • Personal url name. • The opportunity to sell my own products. So I got serious, and decided to • register my domain name • get a web hosting account from GoDaddy.com Now I’m happy Blogging!

For any questions or comments please visit corporatecosmo.com the cosmopolitan style of marketing for the socially conscious entrepreneurs

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