"What If A Parody Of PoKéMon SUN And MOON Came Out For PowerPoint?" Here's Your Answer!

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Published on January 2, 2017

Author: kumanazhi

Source: slideshare.net

1. Welcome! You’re inside a JaderHouse, also known as an official JadeJohnson Games™ Parody Research Laboratory! Yes, “an”; there are multiple! Hau

2. Please, go stand over there. I do like my personal space and all. Hau

3. Ugh, you’re THAT kind of JaDéMoN trainer – the kind who don’t like to respect peoples personal bubbles! There’s a name for kids like you! Hau

4. “EXE!” Hau

5. You dingle dorks are so frustrating, always causing havoc wherever in the JadeJohnsonia region you go! Ugh! Your behaviour sickens me! Hau

6. Oh never mind! Please, just forget I ever said that! Hau

7. Anyway, here at the Jader house, true Jaders, or fanatics of James, also known as JadeJohnson (Himself); can help him with his research! Hau

8. As I’m sure any Jader knows by now, almost everything that Jade has ever made is a parody of some other work! Hau

9. Anniémon is a parody of PoKéMoN™! Hau

10. The unreleased side scroller Bullet Battalion was a parody of Call Of Duty®! Hau

11. The Big Sean series is a parody of Resident Evil®! Hau

12. VICTORiOUS – Jade’s Quest is a parody of VICTORiOUS® – Hollywood Arts Debut! Hau

13. And HECK! Most importantly, THIS HERE WORLD that Jade created for us is a DIRECT PARODY of the BRAND NEW “PoKéMoN™ SUN & MOON” titles! Hau


15. I’m sorry. I know that breaking the fourth wall is Deadpool’s job! (Sorry Deadpool!) Hau

16. Anyway, if you don’t want to do any research, that’s fine by me! But this lab is full of hard surfaces and sharp corners and edges! It’s no place to run wild! Hau

17. You hear me?! I don’t want to have to repeat myself ever aGain! There’s just something about that chore that sickens me! So don’t make me tell you aGain! Hau

18. But yeah, you can even TELL that this world of ours was made by the great SlideShowGaming Creator JadeJohnson Himself! (“”aGain,” not “again!”) Hau

19. Anyway, I’m sure you just want me to be quiet now! I already know I’ve overdone it by a long shot! Sorry to keep you waiting! Go do whatever you want now! Hau

20. DON’T DO IT! Hau

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