What I've Learned From Sales

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Published on February 7, 2014

Author: jlorrain84

Source: slideshare.net


Lessons from a whole career in Sales

es al What I’ve learned from S

No company can survive without Sales

Convince yourself before convincing others

Talk in present (tense), not past, neither conditional

Look for what’s keeping your prospect’s from sleeping at night

Ask yourself what’s in it for the other person?

…an d pl ay w it h it

Ask your prospect what’s their principal selection factor? 

Make the difference between features, avantages & benefits

Benefits make the price go away

Don’t apologize when approaching or cold calling someone

Remember your interlocutor’s name

…and repeat it

Figure out WHO’s influencing your interlocutor’s decision

Be honest & sincere

Use humour & enjoy yourself

Listen & pay attention

Be confident & persuasive

Make your prospect feel important

When talking to a group, make sure every member is involved in the conversation

When you’re wrong, admit it

er t in ’t n o D pt ru

Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes

Don’t talk bad about a competitor

Embellish your speech with images

Start with your highest offer; thus the second one will be more easily accepted

Reformulate your prospect’s questions to confirm

Don’t answer by a simple ! « yes » or « no »

Mention your satisfied customers’ testimonials to prove a point

Talk to your prospect as if he was already owning the product

Ask them hy w would you sell to them

Ex ’s b y it wh a in pl to ter et rom yf bu OW uN yo

Take your body language very seriously

…and mimic your prospect’s

Keep eye contact

Make yo ur offers time-li mited

Embrace a push/pull strategy to tease your audience

If cost is a problem, reduce it to daily amount

If possible, mention important people using or talking about your product

Sum up benefits before signing contract

Call your clients after they purchase from you

Share your impressions, comments & secrets: jeremie.lorrain@gmail.com Jérémie Lorrain Co-Founder of nail art company Úñica. French, Fashionista, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Businessman, Model, Salesperson, Ambitious, Open-minded, People & OpportunityOriented.

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