What I've Learned from Entrepreneurship

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Published on February 9, 2014

Author: jlorrain84

Source: slideshare.net


Lessons from a serial entrepreneur

e en pr What I’ve learned from re nt E ip sh ur

Entrepreneurship is the best learning experience you’ll ever go through

You won’t work less, but you will be in total control of your choices

First steps will be harsh

but once you meet success ! ! ! ! ! it is very rewarding

In every market, there is room for innovative ideas

If you’re passionate about your idea, people will feel it too

You’re selling your story So get it right

Spread the word every single day

Don’t be shy, go get it & ask for it

Find the complementary business partner One that you can rely upon & trust One that you have great communication with

Spot the most influential people of your industry & get invited

Stay connected with your industry

Get together with other companies to save on premises fees

Spen d time selec t in g colla bora tors

Use your network

Barter instead of buying everything

Get patents

h eryt p ev Kee in g on paper

A lot of doors will be slammed at you, but one open door is enough to meet success

Always anticipate more than planned It rarely goes as expected

Plan 3 different budgets optimistic - neutral - pessimistic

Master any aspect of your business before hiring

If the company fail, take the blame, not your team

Celebrate any success

Int eg rat int e e o t ve he r y de em cis pl ion oy s ee

Praise, delegate & trust them

Ask your them what they want

go als Let them fix their

Let them know HOW their actions affect the company

Write « how-to » guides for your employees

Find out WHAT collaborators will remember about you

& get them a gift that represents you

Seek feedback

Foresee incidents Ask yourself : « What if … ? »

Make sure you hav ea in case of failure

Don’t compromise quality

Question everything

t s u r T u o y t u g r

Jérémie Lorrain Co-Founder of nail art company Úñica. French, Fashionista, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Businessman, Model, Salesperson, Ambitious, Open-minded, People and Opportunity-Oriented. Share your impressions, comments & secrets: jeremie.lorrain@gmail.com

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