What health professionals evaluate before a gastric bypass surgery

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Information about What health professionals evaluate before a gastric bypass surgery

Published on November 18, 2017

Author: tamara.pravdenkova

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slide 1: What health professionals evaluate before a gastric bypass surgery When you request a gastric bypass surgery it does not just happen overnight. There is need to carry out tests and evaluation to determine that you are an ideal candidate for the procedure. As such a number of professionals should be involved before the surgery is carried out to determine that you are in the best health condition to undergo the process. The evaluation is mainly to determine whether the benefits outweigh the risks that are associated with the process. They also make a determination on whether you are medically ready for the procedure. The evaluation before surgery is also done to determine whether or not your psychological set up is up to the process. The procedure has the potential to bring about risks in some people especially if they have a history of mental health issues that have not been managed effectively. According to research there is an increased suicide risk for people who have undergone this surgery. This is greatest in people who have been suicidal in the past. More research should be carried out to understand this further. If a person has had such suicidal thoughts in the past it does not mean that they are out rightly disqualified. Your history should be evaluated critically and the medical professionals keep close tabs before the surgery and after. Things that need to be considered before surgery Healthcare professionals will consider:  Weight and nutrition history: the team needs to review the trends of your weight loss as well as diet attempts. They should also consider motivation time constraints stress level exercise regimen and eating habits.  Medical conditions: there are health problems that can lead to an increase in risks associated with this kind of surgery. Yet others can get worse when surgery is done and they include nutritional deficiencies kidney stones Heart problems liver disease and even blood clots. The team has to evaluate all these. They need to know if you are on medication if you smoke and if you drink. You can also be evaluated from things like sleep apnea and then get a thorough exam physically and in the lab. The results affect eligibility.  Psychological status: Some mental conditions can lead to obesity making it hard to maintain the benefits of the surgery. They can include issues related to sexual abuse as a child severe bipolar disorder schizophrenia major depression anxiety disorders substance abuse and binge eating  Motivation: the level of motivation is assessed by the team. They take time to look at how willing you are to go through the procedure and whether you will be able to follow through recommendations that they will make. They will advise about a change in diet and a new exercise routine that has to be followed. slide 2:  Age: there is not an age limit for the procedure. However in the past it was thought to be very risky for seniors and teenagers. Recent research shows it is effective and safe despite age. Resource Finding the best weight loss doctor is the only way you can undergo surgery in a safe manner. You can find the best weight loss doctor in Missouri to determine whether you are a candidate for the procedure or not.

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