What Happens When (Web 2.0 Impact)

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Published on July 3, 2007

Author: rtodd

Source: slideshare.net


Extended version of the impact of Web 2.0

R. Todd Stephens, Ph.D. 15 Ways What Happens When…

What Happens When… Your Marketing Group Moves away from the Traditional Channels? To get out word about its new - and already very popular - Nikon D80 digital SLR, Nikon handed out several brand new D80s to some of Flickr's most active photographers.

What Happens When… All Organizational Barriers and Friction have been Removed via Technology? 8 Minute Quotes Competitor Pricing 20 Minute Claims The Business of Speed

What Happens When… Advanced Technology and Features are No Longer Enough to Deliver Sustainable Value? Vs. IPOD + ITunes + ITunes Music Store Less Expensive More Features

What Happens When… Virtual Environments Become the Preferred Choice of Business Communications? IBM Starwood Hotels Circuit City Nike Toyota Nissan Sony American Apparel Levis

What Happens When… The Boundaries of an Organization Blur? FedEx = Package Company or Computer Repair Facility or Sneaker Manufacture.

What Happens When… The Consumption of a Product or Service Actually Increases the Value? Over 1 Billion User Reviews Over 1 Million User Reviews per Day 3.5 Million Paying Customers Patented Technology But… $1,000,000.00

What Happens When… The Wisdom of the Crowd Makes You More Money than your Banker?

What Happens When… The Majority of Your Business is in the Long Tail of Popularity?

What Happens When… All Physical Things Have Presence and Communication Abilities? Products RFID Auto GPS People

What Happens When… Sharing Your Core Business Information Enhances your Profitability and Innovation? $2,500,000,000 in Revenue for GoldCorp

What Happens When… When you can Outsource the Higher End Jobs (Design) and Pay Nothing? Slim Devices

What Happens When… Your Products Fail to Live Up to the Marketing Hype? After Eight Days, Kryptonite Recalled 380,000 Locks After a Video was Posted Showing how to Pick the Lock in 30 Seconds Using a Pen.

What Happens When… Work can be done Anywhere by Anyone at Anytime? Can Outsourcing the McDonalds Drive Through Actually be Cheaper than a Minimum Wage Employee? When your Business is Speed, it can be!

What Happens When… All Information and Knowledge is Free, Freely Available, Anytime, to Anyone, and Anywhere?

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