What Happened to Media? Building a 2.0 Conversation Strategy in 5 Steps

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Information about What Happened to Media? Building a 2.0 Conversation Strategy in 5 Steps

Published on June 27, 2008

Author: onsustain

Source: slideshare.net


Presentation covering the basics of new media and how these affects your brand. It provides an strategic approach to conversations on the net.

What happened to media? Build a 2.0 Conversation Strategy in 5 steps by Oriol Pascual

Traditional media Newspapers, TV, radio, mags

Complex production that few can access

Traditional media Unidirectional; Monologue Costly to produce & distribute Narrow content options - top hits only


Constrained by physics!

New media Blogs, podcasting, social networks

New Media Bi Multidirectional; Conversation Affordable to produce & distribute It’s everywhere: home, work, mobile, ipod, media center It’s about niche content

The Long Tail never reaches zero

Be the most popular... on your niche!

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