What Happened to Kodak?

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Published on January 5, 2013

Author: mjcilla

Source: slideshare.net


Mini presentation that depicts the fall of Kodak, tying it to disruptive competition.

What happened to Kodak?1.Undercutting of film business by lower cost competitors, i.e., Fujifilm2.Rise of digital photography, and a failure to adapt quick enough3.Rise of smartphones Kodak acted like a stereotypical change-resistant Japanese firm, while Fujifilm acted like a flexible American one.

What to learn from Kodak?• Kodak made a classic mistake: it didn’t ask the right question.• It focused on selling more product, instead of the business that it was in - story telling.• Believed that it could protect its massive market share by relying on its brand strength alone.• Feared self cannibalization, and was resistant to change.

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