What Feelings are driving the Celebrations of National Curry Week 2014

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Information about What Feelings are driving the Celebrations of National Curry Week 2014
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Published on October 15, 2014

Author: nagarajansankar

Source: slideshare.net


Social Voice and Cognitive analytics of #NationalCurryweek2014 , a major culinary event dedicated to curry and spicy food especially from Asia/India that's happening across Britian from Oct 13 to 19' 14

The Analytics uncovers the feelings this event has evoked across the people conversing on Social media and their characteristics.

1. NATIONAL CURRY WEEK 2014 What feelings are driving the Celebrations..? Photo Courtesy : Food Thinkers, Flickr Social Voice Analytics Sankar Nagarajan – Founder & Social Data Scientist TEXTIENT Analytics www.textient.com

2. National Curry Week is happening in Britain from October 13-19 ’2014 People are getting their taste buds excited with a whole host of looks at the best Indian restaurants in the cities and it’s going to be a lot of food and fun! And I set out to discover the Social feelings and People characteristics driving the celebrations ..! Photo Courtesy : Food Thinkers, Flickr

3. Gauging the feelings driving Celebration.. 10,000 sample tweets from #NationalCurryWeek2014

4. *Joy is the Dominant Emotion Followed by Trust Joy + Trust indicates a strong feelings of affection (Love) and possibly a great interest and pleasure - Plutchik’s rule * Gauged Feelings In other words, Feelings of Love, Happiness and Delight are Evoking emotions of Joy * Excerpts of TEXTIENT report

5. Mapping Social Feelings to Value * Gauged Feelings * Excerpts of TEXTIENT report Value Feelings Promotional Experiential Intentness Intentness : Appreciable, Desired, Enjoyable, Special Experiential: Perfect, Delightful, Loved, Goodness, Celebration Promotional: Love, Happy It’s found that there are patterns of feelings that can drive value briefly meaning that people are interested in buying or dining (spending intent on the food), people who are spending and who will recommend it to others or come back

6. * Expressions of Happy feeling.. * Sample Excerpts o It's getting colder in #oxford perfect for #curryonbritain #NationalCurryWeek o @PapaJohnsUK Spicy, delicious and interesting #NationalCurryWeek o Good morning all! Happy #NationalCurryWeek o #NationalCurryWeek I'm 38 weeks pregnant, and am getting fed up so I would love a curry! o I love a good curry and its all about #curry on today's show to mark #NationalCurryWeek 1pm @Radiocxx #cardiff o @IcelandFoods Love curry Love Iceland #NationalCurryWeek o Aaaaah. How @delhigrill provides THE best curry this #nationalcurryweek http://t.co/OIFLEvfczD o It's #nationalcurryweek!! We love #curry and our Tilda #Basmati is the perfect accompaniment to all curry dishes! o @IcelandFoods Fab, love my curries #NationalCurryWeek o #NationalCurryWeek I can see spice cupboards all over the UK getting very excited #LancashireHour #pickmei'm5spice o So many nutrients of #curryleaves - incl. calcium,iron,vitamins,minerals antioxidants. Also many reported health benefits.#NationalCurryWeek o We’re celebrating #NationalCurryWeek with @Anjum_Anand’s delicious chicken pilaf recipe

7. Joy Spike on 13th Oct Good start of the Event… National Curry Week: 13-19 Oct’14

8. * Locations of Happy Feelings… * From twitter , user data

9. Cues to what is behind Happy Feelings.. We love Indian cuisine, and this 1974 leaflet shows when you could first pick up a curry in M&S! #NationalCurryWeek @Icelaxx I certainly do love Icelands Indian Curries #NationalCurryWeek #retweeted too Come along to the market on Saturday 25th and try a carton or 3 of Really Indian's @FreshCurrySauce. It's delicious! #NationalCurryWeek On our way to @HeartLondon with some delicious authentic Indian Tiger Tiger goodies@nxxx #NationalCurryWeek Emotion context Major themes

10. Discovering the drivers behind the Happy feelings! Context of the Feelings.. ('authentic', 'indian') ('chicken', 'jalfrezi') ('chickpea', 'curry') ('great', 'recipes') ('curry', 'lentils') ('enjoy', 'yummy') ('curry', 'creations‘) ('favourite', 'saag') ('chicken', 'bhuna‘) ('baby', 'friendly') (‘chicken', ‘tikka')

11. What are the Characteristics of the people who love the National Curry Week and the Food..?

12. Personality Traits Analytics Cognitive model of Key Personality Needs & Values of the People (users)

13. Personality 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Conscientiousness Openness Openness to change Agreeableness Extraversion Top 3 Personality & Attributes  Conscientious people/persons behave and act in an organized or spontaneous way . They are careful.  Extravert people are social and seek stimulation in other’s company  Agreeable people are co-operative and compassionate

14. *Needs of the People - Buying /Eating behaviour 96% 95% 94% 93% 92% 91% 90% Liberty : Significations  I am looking out for the latest things. Looking out for something new.. (urge)  Need a break! I need something out of my normal environment, routine.  I need a change of Scene..!  I am game & open to explore.. Possible Behaviour  Try out new dishes of spicy curry, explore new restaurants .  Try out healthy food  Try out new, exotic curry recipes at home  Go out , Celebrate and Have fun with friends or family *Broader needs

15. *Needs of the People - Buying /Eating behaviour 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Liberty Stability Challenge Stability - Significations  I am looking out for things that are tried and tested  Preference for things that have a good track record, known brand, performance history etc Possible Behaviour  People may prefer well known curry food like Goan fish curry, Chicken tikka masala or Pork Vindaloo say with Nan, Chapatis as an example  There may be a preference to choose well established and popular food joints or the ones that offers authentic curry dishes or a suitable ambience  People may buy well known brand’s products  People may look out for recipes from well known or famous chefs or food sites *Broader needs

16. Human Values - Beliefs & Motivations 96% 95% 94% 93% 92% 91% Self-transcendence Value: Self-transcendence  Indicative of people interested and concerned about other’s welfare. Seeking to help others and provide general welfare. They promote peace and equality . The centrality of positive, cooperative social relations in a family plays a key role. People attribution  It’s possible that this is indicative of people who plays a key role in a family including elders (father, mother, sister etc.)  Indicative of people who are mature and practical.  It may also indicate friends who would like to share and help others friends or perhaps co-workers. 90% Self-transcendence Hedonism Openness to change Gist People helping others and are interested in welfare,peace.May indicate Elders like Father or Mother or could be Elder brothers or sisters in a family . It may also be a mature friend or a co-worker.

17. Human Values - Beliefs & Motivations 96% 95% 94% 93% 92% 91% Value: Hedonism Hedonism  Hedonists are people who simply enjoy themselves. They seek pleasure and sensual gratification People attribution  A significant %age of the people seem to be hedonists. In this context, Seeking and indulging in the pleasure of spicy food (curry) and eating coinciding with this event is quite possible.  In other words these are people who may be ready to jump in to enjoy and imbibe themselves in the gastronomic pleasure…. 90% Self-transcendence Hedonism Openness to change Gist Spicy, Curry food seeking and indulging people may be the hedonists indicated in this context .

18. The Uncovering.. A Significant part of What consumers say and experience is about emotions and feelings… Emotions drive human perceptions & behaviour Gauging Social Feelings and Personality traits can help uncover the ‘DNA of the Consumer’ • Applications in Digital strategy, Consumer Experience, Predictive Analytics.

19. Have Questions or Feedback? Would love to hear from you! Email sankar[at]textient.com

20. Disclaimer The views mentioned in this presentation my own Data and charts if used, in the article have been sourced from available information in the public domain and has not been authenticated by any statutory authority. Although every reasonable effort is made to present current information, there are no guarantees of any kind. Data accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Social analysis included herein are based on data from public sources, but no representation or warranty, expressed or implied, is made as to their accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or correctness. I am not liable for any errors or inaccuracies, regardless of cause to you (readers).

21. Credits • Photo - Food Thinkers , Flickr

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