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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: ASAPLaGuardia



What Employees Really Want.

WHAT EMPLOYERS REALLY WANT Preparing for the demands of the working world and career success

What do you think employers are looking for?

What does being a team player really mean?

How can gossip impact your career?

What does organizational culture mean to you?

Corporate Culture „Buy In‟

Example: Starbucks Employees are empowered by management to make decisions without having to first report to management, and are encouraged to think for themselves as an entity of the business. The culture towards employees can be described as �relaxed' and supportive. Starbucks has avoided a hierarchical organization structure and has no formal organizational chart. It is evident that employees at Starbucks share common goals. An employee was quoted as saying; "We all have this common belief in the product we sell".

Be a Rainmaker

Mutual Respect Varying views on:

Understanding of organizational Structure and Hierarchy

Meeting Deadlines

Dedication to the job

Leadership Abilities

Showing up on time

Self Confidence

Make It Happen! attitude

Communication Skills

High Quality of Work

Ability to work with minimal supervision

Problem Solver

Life Long Learning

The “Build A Great Employee” Workshop  Class will break into groups and be charged as „bosses‟ with creating the ideal employee by developing a list of characteristics and attributes. Groups will then share their findings.

Summary: What do employers want? Corporate culture buy-in Mutual respect Meeting Deadlines Dedication to the job Showing up on time Communication Skills High Quality of Work

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