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Published on February 17, 2014

Author: michaelwolff

Source: slideshare.net


These are the slides to the fourth session. The full recording is here http://www.screencast.com/t/ODjeWB2R6vJZ

In this fourth and final session we explored the power of standing torus visualization and how we can connect ourselves with the Unified Field in just a few minutes.

This is a very simple practice for consciously embodying the expansion and contraction of the torus energetic flow and aligning it with the energy of INFINITE LOVE.

We also explored how it is possible to reach and breach the 1000 level on the Hawkins scale. This challenges a widely held belief (also held by Hawkins) that our maximum expanded level of human consciousness cannot exceed the levels attained by the great avatars such as Jesus, Buddha and Krishna.

We showed how one of our members had been able to breach this level when she was able to clear resistance, not only within her own energy field, but also within the energy fields of a number of relationships which were triggering this resistance. This case study may be our equivalent of the first of the hundred monkies learning how to wash sand off her sweet potatoes.


Are you interested in joining one of our Circles led either by myself or by any of our other Circle Leaders? Are you drawn to experiencing for yourself the benefits of letting go and releasing the remaining conditioning and wounding that is still holding you in Separation Consciousness?


If you are interested in joining a Circle led either by myself or any of our other Circle Leaders, please visit our Circle Leader Page. You can then request a free exploratory session with a Circle Leader with whom you resonate. http://consciousevolutioncoaching.org/circle_leaders/


If you would like to learn more about the theory and practice of Conscious Evolution Coaching, you can sign up for our Free Program. http://consciousevolutioncoaching.org/freeprogram/

Michael Wolff
Conscious Evolution Coaching - Founder

Birth the New Era What Does It Take to Co-create Global Harmony? Fourth and Final Session 05 February 2014 www.consciousevolutioncoaching.org

Cosmometry – Marshall Lefferts – www.cosmometry.net

Separation Consciousness Contracted energy = Stuckness 5,000 years conditioning & wounding Disharmony

Separation - At What Price? War Poverty Hunger Disease Environmental Degradation

Unified Consciousness Expansion and Contraction = Flow Dynamic presence Harmony

Ripple Effect

Expansion and Contraction

Expansion and Contraction

Everything is Toroidal in Nature Yoga Praktijk by Marion Cilon

Axis Mundi – Anima Mundi Heaven Yang Earth Yin

The Energy of the Universe INFINITE LOVE

Torus Sitting Visualization From The Torus of Life Healing Meditation by Amara Karuna

Torus Standing Visualization In Breath - Yin From The Torus of Life Healing Meditation by Amara Karuna

Torus Standing Meditation Out Breath - Yang From The Torus of Life Healing Meditation by Amara Karuna

Torus Standing Meditation From The Torus of Life Healing Meditation by Amara Karuna

Cosmometry – Marshall Lefferts – www.cosmometry.net

Original Art by Julia Watkins Recap of Session Three

Hawkins – Current Separation Polarity 1000 – Divine Grace 700 - Enlightenment Expanded 500 - Love 15% population 350 - Acceptance 200 - Courage 100 - Fear Contracted 85% population

Current Polar Status North Separation Consciousness South Unified Consciousness

Hawkins – Reversed Polarity 1000 – Divine Grace 700 - Enlightenment Expanded 500 - Love 85% population 350 - Acceptance 200 - Courage 100 - Fear Contracted 15% population

Polar Reversal North Unified Consciousness South Separation Consciousness

The Collective Shift by 2022 1000 – Divine Grace 200 @ 1000 2 million @ 700 700 - Enlightenment 500 - Love 351 350 - Acceptance 200 - Courage 100 - Fear

200 @ 1000

2m @ 700

85% above 200

Hundredth Monkey Edward Dunn - http://spiritualjourneyguide.com/2013/10/30/the-100th-monkey/

1 @ 1,000 Imo Holly Woods

Original Art by Julia Watkins Beyond 1000

Infinite Expansion INFINITE LOVE INFINITE ABUNDANCE ??? 1000 – Divine Grace 500 - Love

Original Art by Julia Watkins How to Reach 1000?

The Torus • It contracts and expands simultaneously • It is centered by a singularity that connects it with the entire Universe

Singularity and Black Hole Black Hole Singularity

5,000 Years Conditioning and Wounding Subconscious & unconscious Determines our behavior

Unconscious Social Contract Social conditioning Guilt/judgements Limiting beliefs Embodied contractions Contracted breathing

Activated Wound Thought Belief Endless story

Healing the Wound Thought Belief Activate center Activate toroidal flow INFINITE LOVE Separate from trigger

Healing the Wound Thought Separated from trigger Feel the feeling Belief Unplug Drain into black hole

Triggered and Latent Wound Healed Thought The thought has no power Torus energy flowing freely Belief Belief has no power Strengthening dynamic presence

The Power of Shared Singularity

Outcome Breached 1000

Raising Vibrations High Vibrations Transforming Low Vibrations to INFINITE LOVE


Original Art by Julia Watkins Summary

What Does It Take to Co-create Global Harmony? • Letting go and releasing 5,000 years of conditioning • Shifting from Separation to Unified Consciousness • From 235 to 351 on the Hawkins Scale (Acceptance) • 85% over 200 • By 2022 • Either 200 individuals @ 1000 or 2 million @ 700 • Together

What Does It Take for Me to Contribute? • How important is it for me to make a contribution? • Can I make this contribution by changing myself? • What is the extent of my conditioning and wounding? • What would make it safe for me to let go and release my conditioning and wounding? • What are the risks? • Do the benefits outweigh the risks?

Birth the New Era Next Steps Have a Discovery Session with One of Our Circle Leaders mwolff@consciousevolutioncoaching.org Skype: michaelwolff http://consciousevolutioncoaching.org/circle_leaders/

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