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Published on February 17, 2014

Author: michaelwolff



These are the slides to the third session. The full recording is here

In this third session we explored how the Hundredth Monkey Effect enables us to reach a tipping point in co-creating a polar reversal from Separation to Unified Consciousness.

I also shared how we now have evidence that it is easily possible to reach and breach the critical 1000 level on the David Hawkins scale and that we only need 200 individuals at that level to reach the magic tipping point.

The process for achieving such an expanded level of consciousness is not a secret. I quote Buckminster Fuller, who said:

"The only way that humanity is going to make a shift into a balanced, non-violating, peaceful world experience is to choose to design our systems based upon natural design principles - those found in nature and the cosmos that exhibit the fundamental pattern of wholeness and integrity."

So, how do we align ourselves with natural energies and structures based on natural design principles and calibrating at 1,000 or above?

We saw that the underlying energies in the universe can be expressed as INFINITE LOVE and INFINITE ABUNDANCE. When we align these energies with the toroidal form and structures, we have the perfect model for letting go and releasing our 5,000 years of wounding and conditioning in Separation Consciousness.

By releasing this energetic "stuckness", we can then create a harmonious and dynamic equilibrium, where Separation Consciousness informs Unified Consciousness and vice versa.

So, this is our vision: 200 @ 1000

In our fourth and final session, we will go deeper into the process of letting go and expanding consciousness, especially how we heal ourselves when we heal our relationships, and vice versa.

We will also explore what it takes to align our own internal and external systems in order to experience a major expansion of consciousness while retaining a harmonious and balanced connection with everyday life.


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Michael Wolff
Conscious Evolution Coaching - Founder

Birth the New Era What Does It Take to Co-create Global Harmony? Third Session 29 January 2014

Cosmometry – Marshall Lefferts –

Expanding Energy Field

Cosmometry – Marshall Lefferts –

Original Art by Julia Watkins Recap of Session Two

Separation Consciousness • Since the dawn of civilization (5,000 years) • Fear of scarcity • Reaction and force • Benefits • compete and succeed • provide and support • control • Civilization • The grit in the oyster

Unified Consciousness • Evolutionary imperative • Love and abundance • Benefits • collaboration • more with less • flow • Deep connection • Harmony

After 5000 Years of Civilization Inner Core Outer Wall Wounding Contracted Blocked Energy Separation

Unified/Expanded Consciousness Expanded The Field Outer Membrane Permeable Reflexive Responsive Harmonious Flowing

Separation - At What Price? War Poverty Hunger Disease Environmental Degradation

Original Art by Julia Watkins Our Solution – Polar Reversal

My Manifesto I can shift my own and our collective consciousness by 2022 to the level where we are collectively committed to harmonious interconnection totally eliminating war, poverty, hunger and disease, and environmental degradation.

Hawkins – Current Separation Polarity 1000 – Embodied Unified Consciousness 700 - Enlightenment Expanded 500 - Love 15% population 350 - Acceptance 200 - Courage 100 - Fear Contracted 85% population

Current Polar Status North Separation Consciousness South Unified Consciousness

Hawkins – Reversed Polarity 1000 – Embodied Unified Consciousness 700 - Enlightenment Expanded 500 - Love 85% population 350 - Acceptance 200 - Courage 100 - Fear Contracted 15% population

Polar Reversal North Unified Consciousness South Separation Consciousness

Original Art by Julia Watkins How to Make the Impossible Possible

Clues to Possibilities One individual at 700 counterbalances 70 million individuals at or below 200 One individual at 1,000 counterbalances the whole of humanity The Hundredth Monkey Effect

Our Leverage Points 1000 – Embodied Unified Consciousness 700 - Enlightenment 500 - Love 15 percent Expanded 350 - Acceptance 200 - Courage 100 - Fear 85 percent Contracted

The Collective Shift by 2022 1000 – Oneness with Source 200 @ 1000 2 million @ 700 700 - Enlightenment 500 - Love 351 350 - Acceptance 200 - Courage 100 - Fear

200 @ 1,000

2m @ 700

85% above 200

Hundredth Monkey Edward Dunn -

The Shift And The Hundredth Monkey Effect by Owen Waters

200 @ 1,000 Imo

1 @ 1,000 Sally

Original Art by Julia Watkins How to Reach 1,000?

What On Earth Will It Take? The only way humanity is going to make a shift into a balanced, non-violating, peaceful world experience is to choose to design our systems based upon natural design principles those found in nature and the cosmos that exhibit the fundamental pattern of wholeness and integrity. Thrive Movie –

What Resonates @ 1,000 or Above? What’s the Energy? What’s the Form?


INFINITE LOVE Emoto Water Crystal


Energy and Consciousness

Torus Energy

The Torus • Fundamental form of energetic flow • It contracts and expands simultaneously • The Universe is a seamlessly embedded fractalization of torus energy flow

Everything is Toroidal in Nature Yoga Praktijk by Marion Cilon

Sacred Geometry Cosmometry – Marshall Lefferts –

Torus Characteristics • It is made from the medium in which it exists • It is self-generating and self-sustaining • It exchanges information and resources throughout itself and with the environment in which it exists • It has a continuous feedback loop and is self-reflexive • It is both an autonomous entity and integral part of a larger wholeness • It is centered by a singularity that connects it with the entire Universe Cosmometry – Marshall Lefferts –

Singularity and Black Hole Black Hole Singularity

Activating Toroidal Flow

Personal Unified Field Thrive Movie –

Planetary Unified Field Thrive Movie –

Solar System Unified Field Thrive Movie –

Cosmometry – Marshall Lefferts –

Birth the New Era Next Steps What does it take to shift from Separation to Unified Consciousness? Skype: michaelwolff

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