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Published on February 17, 2014

Author: michaelwolff

Source: slideshare.net


These are the slides to the first session. The full recording is here http://www.screencast.com/t/89pONtS8N8ny

How will you know when the time has come for global mind change?

What would you need to know or do differently to make the changes we'd each need to make to be available to support each other to increase our collective vibrational power?


It's time for those of us who are aware of the need to co-create global harmony to step up.

What will be involved?

Change? Transformation? Of ourselves, of consciousness, of each other?

Obviously we each must travel our private path alone. Yet we can do it together. Together we can generate the power to change the world.


To that end, I have designed a four week webinar series (of which these were the slides for the first session) so we can learn how to evolve into butterflies and make the greatest contribution.

Through my decades-long study of transformation, I have realized that my part is to be one of the many enablers to consciousness, interdependence, and global healing.

I have taken my study and personal practice and put it all together in an offering for those of us wishing to grow and serve, support and heal, and co-create the acceleration of expanded consciousness, vibrational power, and collective transformation.

If you believe you are part of the process, please join us in developing an interdependent group who will work together to first learn new skills to enhance our own transformation, then potentially create further healing and transformation with others. Amongst us, we will radiate out the ability and willingness to create a world that is conscious and harmonious.

I am calling for our ability to radiate out Circles which can then

- release and heal 5,000 years of collective wounding and conditioning
- become One with the Unified Field of Consciousness
- transform ourselves by supporting the transformation of others
- together transform global collective consciousness.

I would enjoy your companionship. I hope we can grow together, and work together to build more Circles that serve even more global transformation.

As we access our vibrational power, and attract others to join us, we bring harmony into our own lives, our relationships, our communities and the planet.


If you are interested in joining a Circle led either by myself or any of our other Circle Leaders, please visit our
Circle Leader Page. You can then request a free exploratory session with a Circle Leader with whom you resonate. http://consciousevolutioncoaching.org/circle_leaders/


If you would like to learn more about the theory and practice of Conscious Evolution Coaching, you can sign up for our Free Program. http://consciousevolutioncoaching.org/freeprogram/

Michael Wolff
Conscious Evolution Coaching - Founder

Birth the New Era What Does It Take to Co-create Global Harmony? First Session 15 January 2014 www.consciousevolutioncoaching.org

Cosmometry – Marshall Lefferts – www.cosmometry.net

Breathing and Consciousness We hold our entire emotional history in our breath. The memories of our birth, times we were attacked or frightened, times we yelled or sobbed or whimpered are imprinted in the rhythm of our breathing. By attuning to the subtleties of our breathing rhythm, we can begin to free and release our breathing and ourselves. John Freedom – Heal Yourself with Emotional Freedom Technique

Cosmometry – Marshall Lefferts – www.cosmometry.net

Lower Belly Breathing Sehatsu Lifestyle

Cosmometry – Marshall Lefferts – www.cosmometry.net

Our First Session • Our purpose • A theory and map of consciousness • How to orient ourselves • Experiencing centering and expansion as individuals

Original Art by Julia Watkins Our Purpose and Mission

“Yesterday I was clever, so… I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so… I am changing myself.” Rumi

When you encounter resistance in the world… by feeling the resistance as emotion,… how would you know that you are ready… to change yourself internally,… rather than wanting to change what you perceive… as the external triggers of this resistance?

How would you know that you’re ready to recognise,… moment by moment,… the tiniest feeling of resistance in your body/mind field… and to change yourself by resolving the resistance?

How would you know that you are ready… to bring more harmony… into all the areas of your life… by consciously changing yourself – moment by moment?

How would you know that it is safe… for you to change yourself… by letting go and releasing… 5,000 years of inherited wounding and conditioning?

When you let go and release,… how would you know… that you are creating space… to expand your consciousness?

What would you need to trust and recognise… that by changing yourself… unconditionally,… and bringing more harmony into your life,… the effects will ripple out… to the individuals in your direct and extended relationships… who will also find more harmony in their lives?

My Purpose… is to change myself,… moment by moment,… and to expand my consciousness… by letting go and releasing… 5,000 years of conditioning and wounding… to bring greater harmony into my life… and into the lives of others.

The Measure… of my own expansion of consciousness,… is the degree of harmony… that I bring into my own life… and into the lives of others.

How Did I Get Here…? Ai-ki-do – Japanese Martial Art 30 years practice and teaching Do = The Way Ai = Harmonising Ki = Universal Energy The Way of Harmonising (Resistance) through Ki (Universal Energy)

Aikido (contd) Separation and Unified Consciousness How to be centered and connected energetically in the Unified Field of Consciousness The meaning of… • practice • practice circle • mutual support Morihei Ueshiba

Five Years Ago David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness Orientation Spiritual Tools Ho’Oponopono Preparation Bruce Lipton Energy Psychology Acceleration

There is a way http://www.thereisaway.org/Ho%27oponopono_cleaning_meditation.htm

Other Key Influences Don Beck Spiral Dynamics Ken Wilber Integral Theory Barbara Marx Hubbard

Theory of the Unified Field of Consciousness David Bohm Nassim Haramein Marshall Lefferts The Thrive Movement

Dis-harmonious Relationship Figaro

Original Art by Julia Watkins A Theory and Map of Consciousness

Energy and Consciousness

Energy and Consciousness

Energy and Consciousness

Energy and Consciousness

Separation/Contracted Consciousness The Field Contracted Conditioning Wounding Agreements Traumatisation Oaths Views Outer Wall Fear/Guilt-driven Polarisation Judgements Reactive Defensive Stuck

Unified/Expanded Consciousness Expanded The Field Outer Membrane Permeable Reflexive Responsive Harmonious Flowing

Original Art by Julia Watkins Measuring Consciousness

Hawkins Levels of Consciousness 1000 – Oneness with Source 700 - Enlightenment 500 - Love 350 - Acceptance 200 - Courage 100 - Fear

Original Art by Julia Watkins Centering and Expansion

Thrive Movement - http://www.thrivemovement.com/

Thrive Movement - http://www.thrivemovement.com/

Thrive Movement - http://www.thrivemovement.com/

Birth the New Era Next Steps Measure Yourself on Hawkins Scale mwolff@consciousevolutioncoaching.org Skype: michaelwolff http://consciousevolutioncoaching.org/circle_leaders/

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