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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: ICES_ASC

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ICES Strategic Plan, launched in 2014, commits to building a foundation of science around one key challenge: integrated ecosystem understanding. Here, Mark Dickey-Collas, ICES Ecosystem Professional Officer, explains what integrated means to ICES science and advice.

What do we mean by integrated? Mark Dickey-Collas

Integrated? Integrated monitoring and surveys Integrate science into advice Integrate across disciplines Integrate across sectors

Disciplines Integrated... Provision of joined-up advice to address society’s needs to manage anthropogenic pressures on the marine ecosystem. Exploring the space for decision making.

ICES must provide integrated advice... EU - New CFP “ensure that fishing activities are environmentally sustainable in the long term and are managed with the objectives of achieving economic and social benefits, and maintain food supplies” Agreement between EU & ICES “advisory deliverables shall be based on an ecosystem approach consistent with the targets and objectives for GES determined through MSFD” Habitats Directive, Birds Directive etc

Norway, Iceland, Russia, USA & Canada International commitments to the Ecosystem Approach Regional integrated management • Norwegian and Barents Seas • In USA and Canada Norwegian Marine Resources Act Russian Federal Law on Fisheries and conservation of biological resources in the waters Icelandic Fisheries Management Act Faroe Islands Fisheries Management Act


Four Pillars

Goals 3 of 7 1. Develop an integrated, interdisciplinary understanding of the structure, dynamics, and the resilience and response of marine ecosystems to change 2. Understand the relationship between human activities and marine ecosystems, estimate pressures and impacts, and develop science-based, sustainable pathways 3. Evaluate and advise on options for the sustainable use and protection of marine ecosystems

Advice must be consistent across issues Mixed fisheries and multispecies interactions Food web interactions Rare and endangered species Bycatch issues, impacts of gear Sensitive habitats / MPAs Marine Spatial Planning


Advice: consider change and variability Impact of Ecosystem Drivers Impact of Anthropogenic Pressures

Bring in new scientific thinking and evidence • • • • • Keep challenging our approaches ACOM & SCICOM catalyse each other Appropriate tools Process studies Stay credible Work with research councils and EU projects

Implications of integration? Leave our comfort zones Work across new disciplines through teams Work in a complex changing system - science support and governance

Management objectives Society will choose objectives - we may find difficult to justify through science But they are tools to aid integration – provide a target at which to aim Show tradeoffs in development and implementation of objectives

Evidence Base Advice will be created from evidence of differing integrity, sources and certainty. Learn to integrate the more certain with the less certain, combine across management objectives and show tradeoffs

Start to dialogue - IEA now ICES IEA groups make tools & methods Need to build participatory processes Stimulate policy developers Carry out simple IEAs (ICES Advice Plan)

Expect complexity, stay adaptive ICES Science policy landscape

Integrating mixed evidence & objectives Data & knowledge provision for biodiversity & ecosystem function high Cat 1 Data & knowledge provision for yield Cat 2 Cat 3 Cat 4 Cat 5 Cat 6 medium low

It is an iterative process Thank you FAO Ecosystem Approach

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