What Can You Plant in Utah?

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Published on March 19, 2014

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There’s something particularly amazing about eating something fresh from your garden, whether it is an heirloom tomato, a cob of fresh corn, or even a sweet purple beet.

What Can You Plant in Utah? There’s something particularly amazing about eating something fresh from your garden, whether it is an heirloom tomato, a cob of fresh corn, or even a sweet purple beet. But deciding what vegetables you want to grow in your garden is sometimes more complicated than simply choosing what you like. There are many environmental factors (among others) that can effect what you can grow in a particular area, and in Utah there are many factors that affect the kinds of plants that can be grown. The varied climate and landscape of Utah provides a unique environment for gardeners state wide. Understand the Environment Choosing what to grow when you live in Utah comes down to understanding the environment and the kinds of plants that are best suited for this particular environment. Understanding the particulars of this kind of environment is key to having a successful garden every season. First things first, different plants for different seasons. When you are starting your garden, you should take into account that different plants are more appropriate for different seasons. Planting the right plants for each season will not only guarantee you the most productive season but it will also lengthen production and harvest. In the spring season, you want to spend time planting things that will be able to withstand colder weather but when the soil is warm enough to work with. This time generally falls between mid-March and mid- April. The kinds of vegetables you want to plant during this season include but aren’t limited to peas, beets, lettuce and onions. These kinds of plants are best suited for this season because they are resilient and will stand up to changes in weather and cold temperatures. By planting during this season you will be able to ensure that you have vegetables throughout the summer. What to Grow in Different Seasons The summer season however, begins after your first frost free date, in Utah, this date often is in late May or early June. This season is good because it allows for plenty of sun and warm weather for your summer plants to flourish in.

Make sure that you till the ground carefully and edge your garden for maximum growth and make sure that the small engines of these tools are kept in excellent repair. Plants that are most suited for this season include tomatoes, pumpkins, squash and melons. By planting these vegetables in the appropriate season you will be able to make the most of your planting season. When it comes to the fall season you can plant the same types of vegetables as the spring season and sometimes you even produce better yields. With these three seasons and the right vegetables in mind, you can make the most of your garden and have a productive and delicious year. Keep your garden full of life for the next few seasons and you will see the huge benefits it can have for the taste and health of your produce. Gardening can be a huge benefit to every life, so start today and get to work on the garden you have in store. Photo Credit: Dale Calder, Justin Leonard

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