What can EuroUSA Moving & Shipping do for you?

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Published on March 10, 2014

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A brief guide showing EuroUSA's services and capability for overseas moving.

What can EuroUSA do for you? EuroUSA is part of

One Company Door To Door International Moving & Shipping International Moving Services. Including: Full Packing Services. Container shipping, Shared and full container. Airfreight. Trucking. Storage. Theater Production Shipping. Specialized high value & fragile commodity shipping. Furniture Distribution. Great rates and a ship load of know how!

Alternative answer ….. When it comes to International Moving, the simple answer to what can EuroUSA do for you is, keep you happy! We do that by being professional, knowledgeable, honest and having a well trained team of staff that all know what they are doing so we can handle a door to door move for example from anywhere in North America to anywhere in Europe with no agents. One company door to door who really knows what they are doing! Great rates and a ship load of know how!

Great Prices Lets be honest, however great we say we are, if the price isn’t right you will not be happy and probably not even book with us. Well the good news is we do have great prices and like for like we will not be beaten! If you somehow end up with a better price from a licensed competitor for a like for like service we will price match and give you an additional $50 discount so you cant loose! How can we do that? EuroUSA has one of the largest volumes of international moves to major destinations and can therefore consolidate shipments and export themselves rather than relying on others. This saves money as well as time. Big volumes also equal big buying power and having our own operations overseas means we are not sharing the profit pie with other companies.

So how does this work? Just because we offer great prices don’t think we skimp on quality. In the 21st Century, we know how good we have to be on every move in order to keep our great reputation in the media as well as keep our word of mouth recommendations. EuroUSA also runs a tight operation. We are not some old dinosaur corporation weighed down with big board meetings, pension funds and politics. To make this all work, we do invest in the latest technology and software. We are very proud to be paperless and work in an secure cloud system allowing us to access information from anywhere in the world as well as share shipping manifests and bills of lading inter office without the use of non secure email. Many of our customer service staff are spread out across the country and are allowed to work from their homes. In an industry that basically has to operate 24/7 and has no time for snow days, this is a really efficient modern way to operate and keeps everyone happy.

How does it get there? Shipping Containers. If you have a large shipment with most or all of your furniture going, it will be either loaded into a 20 or 40 foot shipping container if possible outside of your residence. Once everything is packed and secured in there and the container is locked and sealed, we will truck it to the nearest shipping port. The container will be booked on the next ships departure to the nearest port of call at the destination. We will give you tracking information so you can see where the ship is at any time. (Great for kids as well as Dad!) Once the ship arrives and the containers unloaded, we will arrange to clear the shipment through customs and then truck the container to your new residence where we will have a crew positioned to unload, unpack, set everything up and take away all the packing debris.

How does it get there? Part Load Shipments EuroUSA books a lot of part load shipments to most major worldwide destinations. This enables us to consolidate these shipments together and load up our own shipping container within a week or two. The advantage for our customers is that you only pay for the space you use in the container. Once your shipment is packed and secured we will bring it into one of our main shipping terminals that we have in New York, Charleston and Los Angeles. Your shipment will be loaded into our next container for your destination and shipped across to the destination port. We then arrange customs clearance and unload all the shipments into our warehouse and deliver your shipment to you probably via one of our big red moving trucks

Airfreight Of course if you have some urgent bits to get there quickly we can help with an airfreight shipment. These are good while you are in temporary accommodation or may be a hotel. Typical things to go by airfreight might be some extra clothes, some office stuff and may be your younger kids favorite toys or older kids X Box. An air shipment will typically take about 10 days door to door. It can get expensive though so this option is normally only good for shipments up to about 500 lbs

Packing Making sure everything is packed good and tight with plenty of protection is the single most important ingredient to a successful door to door relocation. We use the best materials, have well trained packers and loaders who care and take pride in their skills! For whole house loads we will normally pack load and secure it all into a shipping container at your residence.

Customs Unless instructed otherwise, we will arrange clearance through customs at the destination. In order to do this we will present to customs the shipping paperwork, a packing list describing everything in your shipment, a copy of your passport and a customs form that we will give you to complete. Customs have a right to break the security seal we have placed on the container and inspect the shipment, however it is more common these days for them to run the container through a large x ray machine.

Delivery Once your shipment has cleared customs we will arrange delivery to your new home. If you are still house hunting we can always store it for you until you are ready. The delivery crew will typically unload everything from the truck into the house. Place all the boxes in the rooms and unpack the furniture. Basic set up of beds is also included as is taking away all the packing debris.

Its is extremely rare but accidents can happen so we strongly suggest you take out an insurance policy that covers you against breakage and risks such as fire, theft, water damage etc. The insurance is worked out on a percentage of the value so if you value your things at $15,000 and the normal premium is 3% of that value then the insurance premium would be $450.00 Insurance

Don’t Pack If you would like to pack a few boxes of personal non breakable items yourself then that’s fine. Just don’t pack anything hazardous, liquids, guns, chemicals, paint, ammunition, food stuff, drugs, personal papers or jewelry. Alcohol and tobacco products normally attract so much duty and tax its not worth shipping either. Don’t pack your airline tickets or passports either!

These items should not go Open Liquids as they might leak. Alcohol as duties will normally make it more expensive than if you purchased locally. Same with tobacco products. Food stuff including herbs & pet food. Endangered items like Ivory, stuffed animals, rare skins or furs. No hazardous or flammable materials. No Chemicals, paint, cleaning products. Any type of weapon and ammunition. We have even had umbrellas inspected for poisonous or sharp bladed ends!

Do not pack anything that used to be living or made from a living thing. Straw Baskets, Dried Flowers, Christmas Wreaths. Untreated Wood items like a home made bird table or wooden bench made from your local tree. Anything that might have bugs in it. Make sure everything is spotless, no mud or dirt on bike wheels, garden tools, shoes, back packs or camping gear. You will have to pay a quarantine inspection fee as we never quite know the cost as it depends how long it takes but generally it will be between A$100-$200 for a small shipment and about A$500-$600 for a container load. For those lucky enough to be going to Australia or New Zealand

The majority of Middle Eastern Countries do not like anything that you could worship. No alcohol! Most videos, DVD’s and possibly books might be further inspected by a Ministry of Information or similar for suitability in Asia as well as Middle Eastern Counties, so check the regulations before you go. No Pictures of semi naked people or worse and don’t forget to check photo albums as well. Saudi Arabia and some other Countries will not allow products from Jewish companies and also anything Christian or non Muslim related religious material which includes everything from a child's bible to a Christmas Tree. Asia & Middle East

We can also ship vehicles If you would like to ship your car, boat or motor cycle we can do that to. Make sure with us or the local customs authority that you can import the items and if there are any duties or taxes due. Many countries allow duty and tax free entry if you are moving to that country and you have owned the vehicle for at least 6 months and its not for re sale. Vehicles can normally be loaded into the same container as your household items but if not we can ship them on roll on roll off car carrying ships

Wherever you are going, we can help. Also please remember. Always use a company that has good references. Make sure they have a license from the FMC (Federal Maritime Commission) Call or email us for a free quote. Feel free to ask us questions and advice. Use a company that has been around a while and has more than one person. Get all inclusive prices. Enjoy the local culture when you get there, savor the experience, and have fun. Don’t stress!

Move Overseas! Treasure the experience, Enjoy a new culture, Create memories of a lifetime, Learn a new language, Remember….. You can always move back, So you have nothing to loose! Choose a mover with over 25 years in business, Great Rates and don’t forget our ship load of know how! EuroUSA We have you covered EuroUSA Offices East Coast: Ken Treschitta 203 431 7854 ken@eurousa.us Mid West: Budd Cardone 317 485 7675 budd@eurousa.us South: Mark Nash 843 225 7217 mark@eurousa.us West Coast: Randy Tran 951 642 7967 randy@eurousa.us www.eurousa.us

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