What Are Trojans

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Information about What Are Trojans

Published on November 7, 2016

Author: JerryBloom11

Source: slideshare.net

1. What Are Trojans

2. What are Trojans Trojans or Trojan horse are malicious computer programs that are designed to breach the security of a computer system for gaining access to victim’s system. Trojans don’t replicate, they disguise in the PC and behave as a legitimate application. Cybercriminals use social engineering and other tricks to load and execute Trojans in victim’s system.

3. How do Trojans Attack Your System? If a Trojan intruded a system successfully then it will have unlimited access to the infected PC where it will exploit all system resources. These are some ways how Trojans break into a PC: ● Trojans can enter a system through emails, file sharing networks, and online social chats (like ICQ, AIM or IRC), attached as a useful tool. ● Security flaws cause Trojans to intrude a system. Trojans take advantage of system vulnerabilities and flaws to enter a system. ● Trojans can also be injected through other viruses and worms which attack a system without users’ knowledge.

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