What are the steps to install a webcam in HP laptop

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Information about What are the steps to install a webcam in HP laptop

Published on December 16, 2017

Author: ninaross147

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What are the steps to Install a webcam in HP laptop?: What are the steps to Install a webcam in HP laptop? Slide 2: Nowadays, laptops come with an in-built option of webcam and one can make use of these laptops easily for video calling or recordings and so forth. HP laptops also come with in-built function but if you are looking to install a webcam on your HP laptop then you use can make use of these given steps to complete this task successfully. In case, you need help then call our helpline number  +353-768887727 . Slide 3: Steps to follow: Step: 1 You need to purchase, in case, you don’t have one on your computer. You can choose a cam with high megapixels, low-light ability, and a wide-angle lens and so forth. Slide 4: Step: 2 Next, you’ll need t install the webcam driver on your laptop, in case, you haven’t installed. You’ll find webcams plug in play, once you plug it into your device, it will automatically recognize your device. But some other types need to install drivers. Insert the driver disc that you get with the cam into your laptop and then follow the directions. Slide 5: Step: 3 You need to place your laptop on a table where it isn’t likely to move or you can select the direction of your cam. Slide 6: Step: 4 You can install the recording software on your laptop. When you already have an in-built webcam installed on your laptop, you’ll find the software installed. You can enter “webcam” by visiting “Start” menu on your computer and type “webcam” to locate the software on your PC. In case, you didn’t find it, download and install a cam application as many free software are available for free on the web like Yawcam , WebcamXP and so forth. Slide 7: Step: 5 Once you are done with its software installation, now wait for some time to recognize your cam, a video will be visible if it is ready. You can change the direction of your cam if requires. You can choose a particular location in order to save the recordings or you can choose “Broadcast” and setup a live internet feed. You can set the live feed to “Private”. You can also create a password if requires. You can enter the URL on your working laptop or on your Smartphone to watch a live recording. Slide 8: If you need technical help then make a call on  HP Ireland support number +353-768887727  and talk to our experts, they will help you to install webcam on your pc/laptop . Original Source

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