What are the Signs Indicating the Failed AC Evaporator of your BMW

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Information about What are the Signs Indicating the Failed AC Evaporator of your BMW

Published on November 20, 2019

Author: solomotorsports

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1: What are the Signs Indicating the Failed AC Evaporator of your BMW? Slide2: Modern AC system is comprised of multiple components. Slide3: All components work together to convert warm air to cool. Slide4: AC evaporator is a crucial automotive air conditioner. Slide5: Damaged AC evaporator can lead to poor engine performance. Slide6: Below points define the failed AC evaporator in your car. Slide7: Unable to blow cool air Slide8: For several causes AC evaporator coil or core is leaking. Slide9: As a result, it will impact the effectiveness of the AC system. Slide10: Cooling capacity can be reduced with greater leaks. Slide11: Produce Strange Odor Slide12: Leaked AC evaporator also produces a strange odor from the car. Slide13: You will notice a small amount of refrigerant will seep from: Coil Core Seals Refrigerant bottle Slide14: Produce a sweet aroma and get intense when AC turned on. Slide15: Inactivate AC compressor Slide16: Compressor can circulate the refrigerant through the evaporator. Slide17: Always Maintain a predetermined pressure to operate. Slide18: When the AC compressor of the car leaking, it will : Reduce pressure within the system Inactivate the AC compressor Slide19: Variant AC temperature Slide20: When the AC evaporator is leaking, it can continue to cool air. Slide21: For several reasons, the AC temperature is fluctuating. Slide22: Inconsistent temperature indicates damaged AC evaporator. Slide23: Conclusion Slide24: To fix the AC evaporator of your car, consult with a mechanic. Slide25: Fix the issues completely for preventing additional problems. Slide26: https://solomotorsports.net/ https://www.facebook.com/SoloMotorsportsATL https://www.instagram.com/solomotorsportsatlanta/ THANK YOU

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