What Are The Essential Benefits Of Manpower Outsourcing?

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Information about What Are The Essential Benefits Of Manpower Outsourcing?

Published on November 23, 2017

Author: SIBServices

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Slide 1: What Are The Essential BenefitsOf Manpower Outsourcing? Slide 2: Basically, companies outsource manpower when they have a certain task to accomplish and, they do not want to hire any new employee. Either they go for contractual jobs or outsource the job altogether. But, what are the benefits of outsourcing manpower? Take a look at the following slides to know. Slide 3: REDUCTION OF COSTS The first and foremost benefit is the significant reduction in costs. If you hire a new employee, you have to spend a lump sum on training and other related activities. But, outsourcing agencies already have the skilled/unskilled manpower to your advantage. Slide 4: BETTER FLEXIBILITY You can always contact your outsourcing service provider to inquire about any progress in the work. They will be available at all times, which is not the case when you hire someone for a 9-5 job. Slide 5: AVAILABILITY OF SKILLED EXPERTS With manpower outsourcing services, you can get skilled experts at your beck and call. Isn’t that amazing? Slide 6: LESS WORK OF HR DEPARTMENT When you outsource manpower, there is less pressure on the HR department, which would have increased otherwise. Thus, the company resources are not drained behind one employee. The same amount can be used to outsource the job to an entire team. Slide 7: MINIMUM HASSLES & MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY When you outsource a job to any company, you do not have to pay for employee leaves, Provident Funds and other related responsibilities. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about emergency leaves. Your job will be taken care of by the outsourcing company and their employees. Not yours. So, no headache from your side! Slide 8: INCREASED FOCUS With the extra projects taken care of by the outsourcing companies, you can focus on important areas of business enhancement. Slide 9: CONTACT US S&IB Services have been offering effective manpower outsourcing services to countless companies for more than two decades. S&IB Services Private Limited 91-33-25692800 sib@sibservices.in www.sibservices.in Slide 10: Thank You For Your Time!

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