What are the current challenges faced by Indian Education System

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Information about What are the current challenges faced by Indian Education System

Published on September 26, 2018

Author: toprankers1

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slide 1: What are the current challenges faced by Indian Education System Proper Education is the strong base paved for a developed Country’ India is a fast developing country and it is also growing in terms of education and culture. Reports on Indian Education system states that every year many new schools are starting to function yet the system is facing challenges to flourish completely. We will have a critical discussion on all the factors that are playing a role in pulling back the development of Indian Education Systemhttps://www.toprankers.com/exams/lic-hfl-admit-card/. 1. Lack of Awareness: The major role played in faulty education system is insufficient awareness. Although the government is taking different steps and policies to spread awareness on education still there are remote regions where people are illiterate. Even today in slide 2: India there exist locations where people think it is more advantageous to send children to work than to school. This mentality should be changed to the earliest to improve the Indian Education System. 2. Insufficient Quality Teachers: Another reason challenging the Indian Education system is lack quality educators. Though we agree that India is a land of several talents but there is a talent-drain happening simultaneously. The Indian Education System could have been recovered much easily if the highly qualified and talented personnel could pass on their knowledge to the next generations and guide them through ithttps://www.toprankers.com/lic-hfl-assistant-mock-test-series. 3. Outdated Technique and Syllabus: India is still a developing country and not enlisted within developed countries. One reason is because of the outdated syllabus and techniques of Indian Education System. The way of education is changing. The world education system has changed with Digital education online classes video lectures with real life examples. We need to implement these on a mandatory basis in every level of education. Besides we should also update the syllabus according to the progressive culture. 4. Absence of Practical Aspect Teaching: Education in present times has become only to learn from books and pass the exam. Students are never linked to their practical applications. Hence the moment their exams are over they forget what is read. This approach of education is to be changed. Studies should be made more relative with day to day life so that a student understands why he/she is reading the topichttps://www.toprankers.com/lic-hfl- assistant. 5. More Entrepreneur investment needed: Investors at present times in India are more likely to spend money on real-estate than on education sector. This attitude should be moderated. There are still regions in India where students lack the basic amenities required for a school. A permanent school building essential books and stationery are the basic requirements. And this can only be achieved with more investment in education sector. slide 3: These are some major reasons that are pulling back the progress of Indian Education System. Apart from these there are a number of small causes like too much importance on examination and not value education lack of personality development programs unavailability of decent and well equipped libraries and laboratories. So these state that we need to work on a lot of factors to improve the quality and grade of our national education system. http://govtjobnotification.pen.io/

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