What are the components used in solar hot water system and how to install it

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Published on February 17, 2014

Author: DebraDaly

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What are the main components used in solar hot water system and how to install it?

The components used in solar hot water system includes, 1. Solar collector panel: A special type of fluid that transfers the heat to the storage tank through a heat exchanger. The collector captures the heat from the sun and transfer it to the liquid circulating through the panel.

2. Storage Tank: The heat water captured by the collector panel is stored in this tank for later use. 3. Expansion Tank: The system’s pressure should not exceed the pressure limit that is set by the system designer.

4. Control system: It consists of a controller and the circulating pump. If the heat exchanger temperature crosses the collector panel’s temperature, then the controller turns on the pump and circulates the liquid through the system. If both the temperature becomes equal the controller turns off the pump.

5. Flat plate solar collectors: • The absorber plate is the principal component used in flat plate solar collectors. • It consists of a copper sheet and copper tubing. • The surface that strike by the solar radiation is converted to thermal energy which is used to heat the liquid flowing through the pipes.

6. Evacuated tube solar collectors: • There is a vacuum inside a glass tube and copper pipes running through the centre. • The copper pipes are connected to a manifold which is then connected to a slow flow circulation pump. •The evacuation tube system is used to extract the heat out of the air

Installation of solar hot water system: • Initially Check whether your site must be suitable for solar application. • You should do a plumbing work for circulating solar heated water through a continuous loop. • The reservoir must be placed in a line between the well or city water source that feeds your house and the cold water inlet pipe to the electric hot water heater.

• The storage reservoir must be used to govern the pump’s operation. • Make sure about the obstacles in the plumbing path which includes wiring, waterlines, ductwork, headers, etc.

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