What are the aids of using 3D Models

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Information about What are the aids of using 3D Models

Published on July 14, 2016

Author: RubySketch

Source: authorstream.com

slide 2: There was a time when only 2d computer aided designs were the main source of aid. However time has greatly changed now and the3d Models have come into place. These models are exceptionally accurate and they give professionalstheconsistencytheyrequireintheirworks. The 3d modelling structure has become so popular that these are sued by many engineers and architects across the world since a long time. With the progression of time more and more people are looking forward to using the same. slide 4: For instance you can showcase your particular design on a particular project through the 3D technology. Moreover many things associated with the design sitecanalsobe understoodwiththehelpof thesemodels. With the help of 3d laser scanning data can be stored accurately. Consequently professionals can use these data sets for creating pin point models of the real spaces. This also implies that architects and engineers no longer will have to spend time in measuring and re-measuring the parts of a particularstructurefor developinga precisemodel. slide 6: The most important aspect of 3d design is that it can even be manipulated easily. This is something not available with 2DCAD drawings. Theycaneasily test wide varieties of designs in 3D by means of which it becomes easy for themtovalidatetheirplans. In addition to that the 3d Models also give an accurate picture to the engineers and architectsabouthow theycan changethedesignsiftheneedarises slide 7: Content Designed By : Ruby sketch

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